Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I would not wish the last 2 weeks of my life on anyone. I have literally felt like I don't really exist in either world. I'm not really here because my house is upside down, I'm not doing real work, I'm not stocking the fridge and I'm not investing more in this life as I prepare to depart. However, I'm not home, have no job, haven't gotten settled, don't know my new immediate area at all and can't figure it out yet.

I'm leaving all I've known for a decade and going to back to all I knew before that, but haven't lived in many years. I feel like a resident of nowhere. Everything is on pause. All the good that's about to come is theoretical and not for sure until I get there. Limbo is a brutal assault on your nerves and emotions.

You know, logically, that in the end it'll all be ok. Your long term is fine. But you can't get to long term without first going through the short term. And you can't get to the short term to make sense of it just yet. Why? No reason. Do I have things to finish here? Nope. I'm not a productive functioning member at my current job because they have already transitioned me out so make room for replacements or, simply, to get used to life without me. I've been in this particular position for almost 4 years. When anybody leaves, they have to readjust. So, I've basically already been out for a while. So why am I here? It's for no reason other than the fact that the countdown hasn't reached zero. With so much waiting to be done at home, burning daylight here is frustrating. There are big things like finding a job to small things like getting NJ license plates on my car. All of it is waiting to happen based on a somewhat arbitrary date.

The real problem is not the process, but conflict between what it requires and how I process tasks. Some people are planners, others go with the flow. I build a construct and framework for myself. It's an overarching view of all things to get down with lots of little subtasks. It's very binary and logical. IF-THEN-ELSE for the programmers reading. If this happens, do this, otherwise do the third. There are lots of contingencies and alternate routes, but I can't just throw the chips in the air and let them fall however they may.

So until I get home nothing begins. While I'm here everything has basically ended. I can take good or bad, but limbo makes me bananas. For the next 11 days, limbo is all I have. Well... limbo and alcohol.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

If you don't have anything nice to say...

obviously you should smear your negativity all over Facebook.

It's Super Bowl Sunday and I'm super excited. I love football. My team isn't in the game. I have no personal affinity for either team. It's the championship and as someone who loves football, I love the final contest between the top two contenders. Even before I was a big football nut, I'd still watch the Super Bowl.

Not everyone agrees with me. That's fine. Some people like baseball, basketball, hockey, and for whatever reason, soccer. So don't watch the Super Bowl. It'll be just like any other day on TV except for one channel.

What I have little to no tolerance for are the comments like:
"Am I the only one that doesn't care about the Super Bowl? It's so stupid."
"Is the Super Bowl over already? I'm tired of hearing about it."
"I'll be doing anything that is not Super Bowl related just to stay away from it."
"Is there some kind of game on today? Really Facebook? I couldn't tell."
and the crown jewel
"I'm doing to unfriend the next person who talks about the Super Bowl."

This game is the single most watched event anywhere, at any time. There is obviously some popularity to it. You don't have to like it, but the intolerance toward the people who do is pretty much disgusting. 111 million people watched last year, but obviously, the folks quoted above are the ones we should listen to.

I said, "Anyone who watches American Idol can't be my friend," what would your reaction be? You'd tell me to shut up and mind my business. And you'd probably unfriend me over my intolerance and negative disposition and the fact that you don't want to be judged for your TV viewing choices.

Consider the economic impact of the Super Bowl. In the middle of a down turned economy, people buy TVs and inordinate amounts of food. It brings in revenue to the city where it's hosted. Some companies give people the day off to support the fellowship found in football on Super Bowl Sunday. In a country full of arguments and polarization, this game unites people, if just for a few hours. Maybe I'm sensationalizing it a little bit, but I don't think so. All of those things seem to happen, in my experience.

So watch it or don't watch it. I couldn't really give less of a shit about what you do in your living room. But your Facebook posts come into my living room and I'm tired of being torn down for doing what most of the world is doing, just because a handful of people don't like it.

Super Bowl haters: YOU are the minority. The rest of the country shouldn't shut up and conform to your standards. Drop the entitlement. Maybe try watching and have a little fun. I bet you're all a real joy to have a parties - "Ugh. THIS kind of music?" "Are we still talking about that?" 

Oh and as for the Ray Lewis comments out there, he was on trial for murder and was acquitted. There was an argument that got out of hand and 2 people were killed. After questioning, an indictment and a trial he was found not guilty. So to call him a murderer is to say that the rule of law failed and you, as one opinionated individual, know better than the entire set of lawyers, jurors, investigators, and a judge. You were there that night and know what happened.  He was accused of something and it was found out to be false. Plain and simple. I'm not a Ray Lewis fan, per se. I am, however, a fan of accepting a truth because as someone who wasn't present, I can't possibly make a determination.

Just because you have the ability to say something or the right to say it, doesn't mean you should. That goes for Ray Lewis, the Super Bowl or any other thing that people want to hate on. The only thing I'm hating on here is intolerance.