Thursday, December 19, 2013

I stand with logic

I've always been conservative, politically speaking. I like my guns, I think taking God so far out of schools that a child can't even privately pray is ridiculous. If a man wants to amass billions on his own work , so be it. We don't tax the rich for doing well to give to the poor for not doing well. We tax to fund the government and spread it evenly to those in need, but to penalize the successful is wrong.

Over the years I'd become closer to fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I give less than a shit who you love. As long as your freedoms aren't interrupting my freedoms, then go for it. Gay marriage? Have fun, but let's not pretend that homosexuals will fix the sanctity of marriage. They'll cheat and divorce too because, above all else, they're human. Abortion? Not in my world, but strangers aren't in my world so that's their business. See where I'm going with this?

We're all hypocrites anyway.
Dems want government out of their lives when it comes to love and marriage, but want the government to step in and grab tax money for social programs.
Republicans want government out of their lives in business and finance, but call them to regulate who people can marry.

In their own way each of our 2 parties is anti-big government and pro-big government in whatever way appeals to party lines.

The hypocrisy doesn't stop at people on the hill either. Average Americans act hypocritical on individual issues and then they complain about the hypocrisy of politicians. It's a weird ironic inception that I can't seem to figure out.

The catalyst here is the guy from Duck Dynasty. Is his name Jack or does he just say that a lot? I'm not sure.

So he made a bunch of anti-gay comments. Likened gay people to those who favor bestiality or something. Told them they're going to hell. People got outraged. He got fired. People on the other side are outraged because they are his personal opinions and he's entitled to them. I agree, but... see my above comment about your freedoms interrupting my freedoms.

I'm not outraged by his comments because... look at him. He's not a diplomat. He got rich making duck calls. He's proud of being a simple, uneducated guy from the middle of nowhere. The whole show is based on the family looking uncultured. What part about what he said is shocking? And why are you taking social cues from this asshole. You know why I'm not up in arms about his comments? Because strangers of opposite ecosystems from me do not guide me.

I understand the entire "if you don't like it, change the channel" idea and I subscribe to that in limited quantity. You get cursing on HBO and complain, tough shit because you pay EXTRA money for an uncensored channel. Are you forced to watch A&E? No. That also doesn't give him the right to use his extra reach to profess offensive views. It's also not like he was given a pulpit from which he is supposed to broadcast his beliefs. That's just not the topic of the show. So since TV is a luxury, are we all supposed to be on our guards for offensiveness?

On the other hand, A&E is all about culture so you'd think they would allow for all cultures and beliefs. So they sack the guy who expresses his beliefs, even when he didn't do it on the show directly. It was in a GQ magazine. That's not very supportive of free speech or free religion.

But just maybe there's another very conservative Republican line of thinking here. Maybe the people at A&E could really give a rat's fart about what this lunatic has to say. I mean let's be realistic, whether you feel a certain way or not is your business. How you run your mouth when you know you're under a microscope is something else entirely? Every single person on the planet has had a thought at one point or another that is not popular with someone else. Sometimes we say it, sometimes we don't. It's all about considering your audience. When you're in the public spotlight, you shut your mouth and do what's right for the real end game. For this guy, it's a successful show. It's a successful business. 

And that's A&E's point. The guy who canned the Duck guy may very well agree with him for all we know. But he's smart. He knows that at least one advertiser will disagree. Maybe the advertisers themselves will agree, but they are smart. They know that at least one consumer won't. Maybe some consumers will agree, but they're smart. They won't admit it.

People want to believe that the world runs on good feelings and getting along and respecting rights to free speech or right to be gay. It runs on dollars and cents. And like I've always said time and again, the business of business is business. What's it worth to A&E to respect his right to his beliefs? Maybe nothing. What's it worth to A&E to shitcan this guy in support of the biggest human, and subsequently socio-economic, movement of today? All the ad dollars. 

You can boycott this show all day long, but A&E took a stand that said they support gay rights over the free speech of one individual man. The needs of many outweigh needs of the few... mostly because the needs of the many keep the lights on at A&E.

Capitalism and big business is a VERY right wing perspective. Supporting gay rights is a very left wing perspective. Looks like A&E's movement straddled the line better than anyone really thought about. And since this guy is not important in the scheme of things, they won't be remembered for canning him. 

I stand with A&E for doing what's right for A&E, which as it turns out is a business, not a lobby group.

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