Wednesday, October 02, 2013

What's mine is yours

Hello my fellow 'Mericans. I used that because just about everyone I know has earned that title over the last few days. In the event you are out of the loop, our federal government is shut down at the moment. Why? We have no money appropriated. Here's the rundown of how we got here:

  1. We couldn't agree on a budget
  2. We needed money
  3. We passed a Continuing Resolution as a stop gap until a real budget could be passed. A CR is basically a temporary budget that mimics the previous year's (with no increase).
  4. Our CR ran out and we passed another one
  5. Our CR ran out and we passed another one.
  6. Wash, rinse, repeat
  7. Midnight September 30, 2013 the most recent CR is set to expire. Congress can't come to a conclusion.
  8. Government shuts down.
  9. Facebook erupts in a torrent of uninformed ignorance, bathed in indignation, and served with a side of belligerence.
The Senate (Democrat controlled) had an idea for a budget. The House (Republican controlled) said no. The House returned fire with their own idea that included a delay for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare (yes, they are the same thing. One is just a nickname). The Senate said they would not approve anything that included ACA verbiage. And they didn't. Return volley.

Apparently, everyone with 2 eyes, 10 fingers, and a keyboard thought they were a political pundit and weighed in on what this government shutdown meant. We had some people think they could speed and rob banks and picket and pretend it was Detroit in 1967 and nothing would happen. I've got news for you, boys and girls - cops aren't paid by a federal budget (ok, some are, but not the ones in your town). Town police are paid by a municipal budget, sheriffs by a county budget and state by a... do I need to say it?

Some others wanted to blame President Obama. I'm pretty sure he didn't create this since it has to go though the House and Senate and they couldn't manage to agree. Of the 316,776,000 Americans, I think 316,775,950 Americans like him more than I do, but place blame accordingly. 

Now, let's get to why we're here and how the title is relevant. The polarization of partisanship in this country is at an all-time high. Republicans and Democrats are further apart than Bloods and Crips, Montagues and Capulets, Yankees and Red Sox fans, or even Apple and PC users. So much so that people are saying things like "your government."

It's OUR government, whether you like it or not. If you live in this country, it's all ours. Republicans screwed this up. Democrats screwed this up. As a Republican I have to say that Republicans are more to blame here. I hate, hate, hate Obamacare. As an entrepreneur, Obamacare is about to RUIN much of my finances. However, I don't think that just hours before a government shutdown was the time for the right wing to fight that fight. I think Obamacare needs to go away, but sticking to their guns on that now has caused a gigantic disruption in just about EVERYTHING. Pass the budget; address healthcare. Time and a place. This was not it. The proof is in the shutdown.

You're doing the right thing for your constituents with healthcare? Thank you; truthfully. But how many of those constituents are out of work right now over stubbornness.

Democrats, quit smiling. You're not innocent either. This fiscal year end didn't sneak up on anyone. Way to be prepared. You're both ridiculous.

The only thing MORE ridiculous than members of Congress is the masses. The uninformed people pointing fingers and having the nerve to exonerate anyone. Do you really think someone with a chair in Congress is innocent here? Nope. None of them are. No high horses allowed.

This is OUR mess... every American. They screwed up. We voted them in. We haven't held their feet to the fire. Facebook fighting solves nothing People have unfriended one another over this. Are you kidding me?

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