Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Put up or shut up

After my last tirade supporting Abercrombie and Fitch, things seemed to quiet down. It's not that I had anything to do with it, it's just that I wrote about it roughly 2 days after it happened and our attention span is only about 72 hours so within a day or so we moved onto the next slightly irritating cause du jour to scream about. Then last night, like a bad case of hemorrhoids, this A&F thing flared up again. The people posting about it are also a pain in my ass so the hemorrhoid reference holds true.

This time it's not about him or his cause. It's about retaliation toward owner of A&F. This hits an all-time high in ridicularity (my made up and funnier version of ridiculousness, add it to the lexicon). I'd like to smack every person participating in this. Here's the deal.

Owners of A&F clothing are now organizing a movement (I use the word movement to liken it to bowel movement because it has the same value) in which they donate their A&F clothes to homeless people. This is counter to the CEO's intentions for his clothes. So by repurposing the clothes they can rebrand A&F. This is asinine for a multitude of reasons.

  1. You PAID for those clothes and they were NOT cheap. Giving them away is flushing money down the toilet. If you have money to burn, I accept cash, checks AND credit cards.
  2. Because your used clothes show up on homeless people, nobody is confusing the vision of the company. We will not suddenly think that homeless people are buying this stuff directly.
  3. The trendy nature of these brands also mean that you can give everything you own to homeless people and A&F will just make the new line, which is just as exclusive as the one you gave away.
I shouldn't be surprised at this though. This is the nature of America. We never rise to someone else's level; we bring them down to us. So he makes a brand and turns it into what it is today. Some people out there don't like it. What do they do? Try to ruin him and his company.

You want a clothing brand to be ubiquitous and available to people of all shapes, sizes and financial means? Make one. I make it sound easier than it is, I know, but do you think it was easy for Jeffries? Nope. He started a company like any other designer/entrepreneur had to. And you should too. Or you should shut your trap.

This is where I get pissed off. Just because you don't like how he does business you really go out of your way to devalue and ruin his products and company? What ever happened to if you've got nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all? Who charged you to take up the torch for fat and poor people everywhere? You feel bad that they are left out? Awwww... isn't that sweet. How come your bleeding heart isn't storming the gates of Mercedes Benz and Harvard University looking for free cars and admission to broke, stupid and lazy people everywhere? What is the demarcation point between social causes and "not my business?" I don't get it.

So put up or shut up. Make a difference on your own or leave this guy the hell alone. He made a perfectly legal choice for his business. It's not even immoral or unethical when you really consider it. It's just strategic targeting. There are brands that appeal to all types, this just doesn't happen to be one of them.

So save your money, save your time and do something constructive with both. Trying to ruin his brand is destructive and helps nobody in the long run.

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