Monday, December 31, 2012

A NYE that matters

I could give less than a shit about New Year's Eve generally. Back in the day it was an excuse to drink more than I reasonably should. Not that I needed a reason back then, but it helped convince my liver that the attack it would soon be under was for just cause. Aside from the partying, I never saw the allure. I knew my resolutions would fail before I even made them. If I'm not committed to something every day then January 1st won't help me. We go around the sun in 365 and a quarter days and call it a year. The year had 10 months until 2 very modest Roman emperors, Julius and Augusts saw to it to add July and August. We could do away with months and just call it a year. We could also say that a different part of the orbit is the beginning and sometime in the spring is January. I suppose astrologers would say differently, but you get my point. Rarely, if ever, did any big changes line up with the start of the year. My favorite part about the new year is knowing that a chunk of change from the government's overcharging is on its way back to me shortly (you're welcome for the interest free loan, by the way).

This year it's different for me. Nothing changes officially as of January first, of course, but that's ok. So many things change in 2013 that the next 12 months are critical for me. Call it a new year or just call it the next 12 months, the name is arbitrary. Maybe I'm a little stuck on the commercialization of New Year's Eve this year and realize that it rounds out the last set of holidays spent in the military for me. Maybe it's the fact that my discharge orders came just a few days ago and January 2nd (my first day back to work), I really start organizing my exit strategy. Maybe it's the whole thing.

So it's 4:43pm on New Year's Eve. Linda and I are just relaxing before our low-key festivities begin later. We were just comparing our favorite versions of Auld Lang Syne, which always tugs at heart strings when you're separated from those you love. My brother is hanging out in midtown Manhattan with his girlfriend and sent me a photo of the Chrysler building, my favorite in the world. My mom is preparing delicious food for 30+ people set to arrive at their house later. There is mounting evidence in my home that packing will commence soon.

All I can do is think about leaving the military and starting a new career. My new place in Jersey City. Living with Linda. Being a stone's throw from my parents and family and close friends (and their expanding families). There are 7 hours left to the last full year I'll spend in this insular society we call the Air Force.

As always, I make no resolutions that coincide solely with the calendar. I'm changing nothing because it's the New Year. But as the new year rolls around and my life changes anyway, I'll steel my resolve to stay progressive about my life and be appreciative of all the amazing things coming my way soon. For the first time, life change and the date change coincide in a very big way.

Out with the old, as they say, in with the new and for me, almost everything is new. It's a little overwhelming.

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BenLeis said...

Best wishes and exciting experiences in 2013 (or whatever you want to call it), JayVig!