Thursday, September 06, 2012

That is a tasty burger

I saw this picture today.

This is the world's largest burger. It has 60 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of lettuce, 50 pounds of onions, 40 pounds of pickles and 40 pounds of cheese. In its entirety it weighs 2014 pounds. That has to be about 1500 pounds of beef.

Here is the video of it being built for the Guinness Book of World Records:

None of this is even about the burger though. The responses I saw had people complaining that this wasn't going to Africa or the poor here in this country. Could they donate this if they wanted? Sure. Do they have to? Nope. Should they be ridiculed if they don't? Absolutely not.

This is the Black Bear Casino that did this. They made their money and it is their call how they choose to spend it. It's not like they robbed the poor. They didn't get beef from government assistance and use it for this. People walked through their front door every single day and willingly handed over money. They took their profits and made a gigantic burger out of some of it.

For every single person that thinks this burger should be donated to the homeless, I want you to stop and think about the last time you bought something with the sole intention of donating it. Beyond that, I'd be curious to know when you donated something you already had and weren't going to use. One step further. How often have you thrown things away that could have been donated, but it was just easier to dump it? If I was a betting man (I am), I'd bet that many of the complainers find some hypocrisy within themselves after taking a long hard look at these questions.

As I was writing this I stopped to watch a video of a Republican that snuck into the Democratic National Convention and asked random passers-by the same question. Are you in favor of banning corporate profits? Nobody was against it. Some modified their answer to say they supported a cap on corporate profits.

That means that every year, no matter how many people walk through the doors of Best Buy or how many products they sell, or how well they market themselves, or how awesome they are as a business, they stop earning at a certain point and have to give that money away. The ban means that after bills and employees are paid, they keep nothing. NOTHING. NO PROFITS. How can they expand or build new stores or grow as a company or innovate? These lunatics want the whole country to be built as a non-profit organization.

Do I think companies are greedy? Yes. Am I greedy? You bet your ass I am. Do I want to make as much money as possible by being handed it from other people? You can fucking keep it. I'll make my money. I'll earn it. I plan to earn more than I can spend. I don't want a handout. I don't plan on giving handouts either. I will donate to charities. I donate now, while I'm not making any real money. There are less fortunate than me and as a good person I choose to help them. However, to mandate how much of my EARNINGS I have to give away is ludicrous. The word earn means - obtain in return for labor or services. That's an exchange at a pre-determined rate. And now you want us to give it back?

People handed their money to this casino, knowing full well they may lose all of it and then want to dictate how the casino spends that money? I know the rich get richer. They have the resources to keep building. I know people who have come from absolutely nothing to be wildly successful. Do you know the name John Paul DeJoria? Probably not. Do you know the company Paul Mitchell? That's the connection. Did you know that John Paul DeJoria slept in his car while developing his hair care products? Did you know that his plain white bottles with the black writing that are now trademark of the company are that way for a reason? He couldn't afford to print them in color. Now he's a billionaire and he gives back. He's a huge philanthropist - BY CHOICE!

If I make a ton of money and I have to give some of it then I want even less fortunate to give some to those even less fortunate than them. There's always someone less fortunate than you. If we mandate it, then that goes for everyone. If you are given 10 food stamps. Give 1 to someone who only gets 5. You still come out ahead, right?

Either that or get your heads out of your liberal asses and realize that free markets and capitalism are important. People are entitled to keep what they earn. They worked for it, it's theirs. They can make gigantic burgers and then throw them away if they like. It's their choice. You cannot tell me what to do with MY resources you lousy communist bastards.

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