Thursday, June 28, 2012

My promise to you... America

So comrade Obama had his way with us this morning when SCOTUS upheld the ACA. In case you are under a rock, the bottom line is that every American must have health insurance and a plan that qualifies. If you don't, you have to pay a tax. To me that sounds a lot like a fine. Some penalty for not playing by their rules. I disagree with this on a molecular level. I don't see how the government can force me to do business with people. I understand the intent - to make people healthier. I don't think it'll work. It'll force the good people to pay more or face a fine. And the people who can't afford health insurance? Can't afford the tax either. So, what happens next? I bust my ass and shell out my money to a company, not just because I want to be responsible and cover myself, but because I HAVE to.

People are citing that socialized healthcare makes a healthier nation. Look at this country. We are spread wide in terms of geography and demographics. We have super rich and destitute. Hard workers and some of the laziest people on Earth. Thankful and entitled. Do you think that this is going to make those without work ethic rise up and get it together? Professional welfare receivers are not going to get a job? The low income, project housing denizens will not go to college and better themselves. While we don't enforce a caste system here, there most certainly is one. It's not racism, it's placism. Know your place. We breed that. And now we have to start paying for it. And I know all the details about how we pay for it already when it comes to healthcare. That's a choice. That's my beef. Don't you tell me what to do. I pay federal taxes. That's not a choice. I pay sales tax. Not a choice. Doing business with a for profit company; not an organization; not a nationalized agency run by the government. Can they tell me which car to buy? Buy American or be taxed?

So regardless of the stupidity of this, the powers that be have decided that this will make us a better nation. So, now onto the title (it always ties together at some point). Somehow... ME having healthcare makes you healthier. I don't know how I can pass that on in some intangible, disconnected, mystical way, but apparently that's how it works. So, do you know what else makes people better? Education. Proper word usage and grammar. Ability to hold command over the English language. Being cultured. Knowing what is happening in the world around you. Striving to know more, understand more, be more, see more, experience more, read more, etc will always help and never hurt.

So here is my promise to you... America. I'm not going to JUST write blogs about the annoyances I see in social media or in life when it comes to ignorance. I'm not going to be vague and hope you take a hint to save you the embarrassment of speaking at an 8 year old level. I'm going to call you out. If I have to pay out of my own damn pocket after working my tail off so you can have health care or risk being taxed to death over it, then I, damn sure, am going to make sure you know how to speak like an adult. Just maybe that'll have a direct impact and you can buy your own health insurance and leave me out of it.

So if you say things like
- should of
- fuck up the usage of to, two, too or they're, there, their
- use "are" instead of "our"
- repeatedly make the same stupid mistakes to the point that I'm confident it's not a typographical error, but rather and deep rooted level of not understanding basic constructs of the language you never shut up in

...then I am going to address it. If I am held financially accountable for your medical well being, then you will hold yourself accountable for acting like a functioning, productive member of society... or I will do it for you. It's that simple.

Remember, is free. You can do what's right, and you know I certainly will. It's your call. No more free passes. Because if you grow up and learn to speak you just might impress someone and improve your life. I wasn't born with the rules of grammar and spelling in my brain. I learned them. And you will too or suffer the slings and arrows of your own stupidity in a public space.

On your mark, get set, go...

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