Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Make it happen

I saw a post on Facebook today. Someone shared a link for a local company that was hiring. The response from someone came immediately and said, "imagine that- there are jobs out there." Naturally, my annoyed meter pegged immediately. There are jobs everywhere. I don't care what anyone says. There are jobs.

Is it the late 90s when we gave jobs to anyone who walked through the door with more money and responsibility than they asked for? No. Do we have jobs to hand to untrained people? No. Salaries are lower; benefits packages and total compensation are both lower than in years prior. The job you want may not be the job you get, but there ARE jobs. 

To the people that swear up and down that there aren't any jobs, I can only suspect that you aren't looking hard enough or swallowing enough of your pride to take what IS available. It is amazing to me how many people will struggle on unemployment until the dream job comes their way rather than taking what is available for now. You have to realize that a job looks better on your resume than unemployment right?

Our economy is not the greatest it has ever been, but it is far from the worst also. And while everyone blames us for the world's problems, let's remember that while we are not out of the woods entirely, we are better than we were in... let's say... late 2008. If you're up on recent news, then you know that Greece is still in trouble, as is Spain and Italy and the European Union as a whole. We are on the rise, albeit slowly. 

The American philosophy of gimme gimme, I want, I want NEEDS... TO... STOP. How about? I want so I'll earn? How about I deserve it because I proved it? Too many people think they deserve it because they arrived. Go out and get what you want. Work for it. Learn a trade or learn a new trade or get better at your trade. Be the person that a company cannot live without. Nobody is going to show up and drop a duffelbag full of cash in your lap, whether you're at home on your laptop or shitting in a park bitching about big companies.

Companies make money. People who work for them make money. It is a simple equation. Americans seem to have an idea that either it's perfect or not at all. Either it's a dream job or no job. There are no shades of gray. As any woman can tell you these days, there are at least 50 of them, but that's a separate topic. For now, let's take some responsibility for our own actions and build ourselves up so we are worthwhile, functioning, AND productive members of society instead of entitled, whiney, bitchy, spoiled brats. 

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