Friday, April 20, 2012

Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

Today is April 20th. To most of the current generation it's 420 day or weed day. The people that celebrate this day like a holiday are, in my humble opinion, people that are going nowhere with their lives. I'm no angel. Scratch that, I am when it comes to drugs. I wasn't always an angel, we'll say. People do what they do and I did mine during late teens and college years. I see absolutely no room for that kind of behavior in the lives of adults.

I'd be willing to bet that most people don't know where the 420 thing got it start. A group of stoners in the  1970s heard about a hidden cannabis crop. At 4:20 in the afternoon they would meet to hunt for it. Guess what? They never found it. Now people smoke at 4:20 every day as it has spread to become an integral part of the subculture to the point that today is Weed Day. So who is proud of modeling themselves after a bunch of people too stoned to know that the secret crop of weed never existed while they hunted for it?

We all know that drugs are not good. We all know that they are illegal. We all know that they don't exactly empower us to accomplish more. How many titans of industry have Facebook pictures of them sucking on a bong? Why has this become a socially acceptable practice for functioning adults in today's society?

I understand that kids do what they do and people go through phases of experimentation. But there has to come a time when you put... the... blunt... down and grow... the... fuck... up. Move on with your life, get a job, act like an adult. I cannot stress enough that being proud of burning brain cells at a rapid pace and being stoned and lazy is unbecoming for everyone.

Let's not forget that it's also illegal. I'm far from perfect. I go over the speed limit. I do all the things that the average person does. However, I don't advertise it on social networks. I don't create a holiday around it. I don't do it purposefully. Things that most people do are by-products of other actions and accidental.

So, if you don't partake in the immature, illegal, damaging things like what this stupid day has come to represent, then enjoy a wonderful spring afternoon. However, if you're sitting at home stoned because it's a holiday for you.... well, you're probably too wasted to read this or too broke to own a computer or a combination of the two. Maybe you're just too lazy. Or maybe you're reading this pissed off because you believe that being 27-34 and stoned at home in the middle of the afternoon is cool. Whatever, I'm off to work at a real job with health care, educational benefits and opportunity for growth, a career, and a pension. Enjoy your holiday on the couch. May you have all the cheetos you desire.

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