Saturday, March 24, 2012

Protect yourself

I'd like to go on record and say that regardless of height, stature, skin color, or anything else... if I was walking down a dark street with a dark hoodie on my head and it wasn't cold or raining out, i'd look like i was up to something. So would anyone else. Wearing a hoodie at night like that casts a shadow and hides your features. You may be the most innocent person in the world, but perception is reality. So... it's not about race, it's about the image your project.

You can stand up for your individuality, but you must remember that not everyone shares the same ideals or thought patterns as you. Should they judge you for how you dress? No. Should they judge you for the color of your skin? No. WILL people, at times, judge you for all that and more? Absolutely. People are people. The magic of free will as a God given right and free speech as a Constitutionally protected right is that people will disagree with how you do things at times.

So you can stand on principle and wear whatever you want, wherever you want, and look however you want. Or you can give in a little bit (even if you shouldn't have to) to protect yourself and your life. Life is about freedom (in the United States), but it is also about compromise.

So choose, here and now - which is more important to you?
Standing up for your right to wear what you want
Protecting your life

It's a shame that you have to make that choice, but since we can't force everything to think the way we want and level the playing feeling in an Orwellian fashion or "A Brave New World" kind of way, we have but one choice to make that is not really a choice at all. We must compromise along the way. You've worked on days you wished you were off. You've taken class you wanted to avoid. You've mowed the lawn or taken out the trash against your preference because mom or dad told you do. We do things we don't like as part of fitting into the bigger picture.

I don't call it catering to racism or placating the assholes. I call it self-preservation. I say it is doing what's best for me. I say it is taking a small loss for a bigger gain. It's simply compromise.

Now... standing on principle in a situation that an unreasonable person may take unreasonable and get you killed is worth it to you, then do that. Just remember, you can't reason with unreasonable people so... sometimes, against what is truly right, we do what's right in the situation.


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