Thursday, March 01, 2012

More uninformed panic

You may have seen the image below proliferating throughout the social networking community. You may or may not have paid much attention to it. I'll pause briefly for you to take a look.

You may be thinking the exact same thing I was thinking and I don't blame you if you are. My thoughts were "Who the hell is Monsanto?" and "Since when did all these behemoth companies fall under one parent company?" Finally, you may be thinking, "Why do I give a shit about any of this anyway?"

Here are the answers in brief:
1 - Biochem firm that does lots of good things in shady ways and is generally hated.
2 - The graphic is a phony, rhetoric heavy piece of propaganda that isn't true
3 - Because you overreact and are willing to be a nameless and faceless warrior for the greater good at the cost of your own enjoyment and habits.

What does all that mean and where is it coming from? Monsanto has recently come under fire for their use of GMO, which is Genetically Modified Organisms. Basically, they use rDNA to mix up the genes of things that normally don't go together. Then they are transferred into something else to give it unique and novel characteristics (Anyone seen GloFish?). 

The list of companies appearing above are not owned by Monsanto. The graphic is patently untrue. It is inflammatory and being used to incite anger. There is a relationship between these companies and Monsanto, however. All of the companies on the list use Monsanto in one way or another. So... you're eating GMO. You have been for a long, long time. You may have noticed that Healthy Choice is on that list. While they are processed, packaged food they are healthier than others.

So how bad is GMO for you anyway? Nobody really knows. That's kind of the point. People don't want to eat it because they think it's horrible and unregulated and shady. But in reality, didn't the FDA require every food manufacturer to put health statistics on packaging? YES! So regardless of the contents, you know how many calories, cholesterol, protein, carbs, sugar, etc. are in a product. Who really cares about the rest?

I know what you're thinking. What about the long term effects of using recombinant DNA? I can ask you... what about the long term effects of not using it? Maybe it's healthy. What about the long term effects of bring near cell phones, using computers, and embracing anything new out there? Nobody has a crystal ball. There's no way to know. You can go back to the days before cars and technology and power and indoor plumbing and live a natural life, but that doesn't make sense. It's evolution. The long term effects of living on the planet Earth are death - for everyone. Enjoy it while you're here and don't worry about every chemical or method used to made food by people who are smarter than you and are paid to make these choice. Just keep slinging it through the drive-through window like your used to.

Let's take one more minute to talk about the economic impact. You can eat healthy and organic and stay away from all the processed shit if you want. You will pay for it. Bottom line. Don't expect to get everything for the same price. It's supply and demand. Don't get mad at companies for charging more. They are here to make a profit. If it costs THEM more, it'll cost YOU more. Plain and simple.

Personally, I like pretty much everything on that list and will continue to eat it. I suggest you do the same because if you give into the manufactured terror by the extremist nut balls, you'll spend more time altering your diet than anything else. Every week, something else is going to kill you. Not eating at all will kill you quicker than anything else. 

Just enjoy your life.

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