Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dogs or a house?

Some couple moved to some town in Wisconsin with their 4 dogs. The city ordinance says they can only have 2. Now they are fighting the city. Instead of being asked to remove 2 dogs, the city should throw them the hell out. That's just my personal opinion. I sympathize with the emotions the couple is going through. I love my cats like my children. I get it. That's no excuse for their behavior.

First of all, the ordinance predates your time in this town. You don't get to come in and change things that don't suit you. Maybe I'll move there and fight the change a law or a rule so I can take a shit on your front lawn. I mean, the legal system, at any level, is not built around everyone's individual convenience. Secondly, buyer beware. Do your homework. I'm not suggesting they read every statute, because I know I sure as hell wouldn't, but at the same time, there was a rule that they didn't know about. They COULD have, but they didn't. Where was the realtor in all of this? This is not something that's been sitting on the books since 1863 like South Carolina's ordinance that says you can beat your wife on Sunday as long as it's done on the courthouse steps. This was put into place in 1989. It's relatively new. It's also bizarre. I feel like a rule like that in a small town in Wisconsin would be known about. It stands out in a crown of ordinances. Someone knew about.

So the town told them to choose. They were told that prosecuting people isn't the intent. It's a small town that's using this rule (amongst others, I assume), to keep order in the town. They aren't in any trouble. They just have to choose - house or dogs. So what did they do? They chose both. They said they chose their dogs, but they're still in the house and fighting the system. Bullshit. Then you didn't choose. The only thing you chose was to fight. Sit down, shut up, and alter yourself to meet pre-established rules. The next time I get a job and I'm told my work hours are 9-5, I'll say, "I prefer 11-7. So I choose the take the job and I'll fight to change the way it works around here." How quickly do you think the offer would be retracted?

More spoiled brat Americans that want what they want no matter what. Will the 2 dogs make a huge difference? Probably not. Is that the point? Not even a little bit. People should just abide by things. And if you change one rule for one person, what is to stop everyone from wanting to change everything? Fucking anarchy. I'm exaggerating.

Anyway, know what you're getting into and pay attention. Have some personal accountability and follow the damn rules. McDonald's will make you fat even if it's oatmeal. Cigarettes will kill you and not turn you into a badass cowboy/rancher. Coffee is supposed to be hot and it will burn you if you drink it in the car. Laws are in place that will seem inconvenient to you at times. They are there for some reason and you should follow them. OR run for political office and affect change.

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