Saturday, February 11, 2012

You'll be fine, I assure you

Big news in the entertainment industry. Someone we haven't heard from or thought about since the last time she was in trouble is now dead. That's right; Whitney Houston bought the farm today. I still haven't heard what the cause was. We know it wasn't the stress of a recently successful career though. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad she's dead. I don't wish death on anyone generally speaking. And I was never personally wrongs by Whitney. I was basically unaffected be her presence. That goes doubly in recent years. She's a non-entity in the lives of the average American. Once upon a time she made awesome music. Then she got her ass kicked by Bobby Brown and then she did a bunch of drugs. Somewhere along the line she fell in love with Kevin Costner, right?

The point is that it's ok to feel bad about it. It's ok to say it's a shame that she's dead. It's too bad she didn't put out more music in recent history. The turns her life took are lousy. But here's where you all lose me. You're surprised? It's a shock? Are you kidding me. I'm shocked that you're shocked. I'm shocked she made it this long. I'm not FOR her death, but I have to say... I kinda saw this one coming... like forever ago.

And here's the real trouble with the people on Facebook and Twitter. So many are heartbroken and crying. When was the last time she crossed your mind? 199x? Or when those pictures of her all fucked up on drugs surfaced? When was the last time you really sat and thought about her? And now you're all drying and miserable and wondering how to make it through the day. These are the same dopes that flung themselves against the gates of Neverland Ranch when poor little mutated Michael bit it.

She did drugs. She was an adult. I'm pretty sure by the time she started on the shit, she had heard, at least once, that they are bad for you. I didn't make her do them. I didn't sell them to her. I didn't do anything. Maybe all the people that bought her music are the ones to blame. YOU FUNDED HER HABIT - ENABLERS!

All I'm saying is that I get the human response that says, "that's too bad." What I don't get is the heart wrenched people who are posting emotionally charged status updates and are feeling touched by this. If you were a fan, you'd have been posting about her all along during her troubles. She's a trending topic just like the super bowl was last week. And in a week, nobody will mention her ever again.

Let's just not pretend your sitting at home trying to get over the death of Whitney Houston. That's ridiculous.

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