Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine

I fell asleep on the couch watching TV last night and woke up to The View. Let's be clear, putting this on was not a conscious decision. Naturally, everyone is talking about Valentine's Day. They were getting on the case of Whoopi and some other lady that I've never seen for not wearing red.

Then Barbara Walters chimed in and as if her voice wasn't grating enough, her words made me throw up a little bit, in between weeping for our future. She said she categorically disagrees with giving valentine's out in schools. As soon as she said it, I knew what was about to come next. Her reasoning was because some people give valentine's out to some other people, but not everyone and there may be someone who doesn't get one at all. That, according to Barbara is wrong and unfair.

What Miss Privileged seems to forget is that life is not fair? Not everyone gets a valentine. Not everyone wins the game. Not everyone gets a trophy. For some people, life just sucks. For some people, it sucks only until they learn to put in hard work. I am a perfect example of not knowing that life could suck and reacting very poorly when it did. I was given everything as a child. Not to the point of these no score soccer games, or everyone gets a valentine, but I was spoiled, let's face facts. Then I had to work for my money. I had no concept of the value of a dollar. I had no idea how hard life was. I thought I was getting the shit end of the stick. As it turns out, it's SUPPOSED to be hard. That's where the value shows up when you surmount these challenges.

I'm one person not indicative of my society and age group. Today's children have environments build around them that FORCE equality. I understand why 4-year old playing soccer don't keep score, they can't keep they eyes on the ball. However, this concept continues into the older children categories. Competition is healthy. It spurs people to do better, work harder, and achieve more. There's nothing wrong with losing, if you learn something from it.

So giving valentine's out to everyone furthers the theory that we are all equal and will always be treated as such, when only the first half is true. We will not all be treated equally. We will not all have the same opportunities. I am opposed to leveling the playing field for everyone in every situation. The world needs ditch diggers and engineers. Balance keeps it all going.

The whole thing was particularly shocking because I can't believe that someone supposedly so educated and cultured could miss the importance and psychology and developmental issues surrounding this topic.

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