Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tapped out

At some point last year I was about to shut down my online brands. At the 11th hour, everyone rallied support and asked me not to. I agreed. There was a resurgence in popularity and interaction for a brief time that tapered, sputtered and then died. I kept at it anyway. I started more.

Over the past few days, I was trying to figure out how to breathe life into my businesses so I could a) make money, b) serve my audience and c) have fun doing what I love to do. I've been exhausted and stressed out worrying about the amount of content I've been putting out, the frequency, streamlining the process, hitting the right topics and how to get back into the swing of things after a hectic holiday season. So I looked at everything. There's been nearly zero interaction on JayVig Media, slightly more than that but not much on Vig the Geek and absolutely nothing on JayVig Photography. The celebrity death pool had a guaranteed 7 teams, only 2 of which actually entered since announced on December 30th. All of these things cost me money. Not only am I not making money on them, but they cost me money every single month. Some in domain name fees, some in hosting fees, some in equipment, some in all of the above. They all cost a lot of time.

I research and formulate opinions. I reach out to peers in the industry and space and have conversations. I put my thoughts together to write articles or film videos. The videos require editing and uploading. I pay more for a better Internet connection to get videos up faster. I pad money for a Vig the Geek giveaway when I hit 400 fans, which I couldn't even make happen.

Facebook is very saturated. There are lots of brands out there. It's not easy to stand out anymore. However, some people find a way. Some people do it with nonsense. I can't do it. I cannot manage my brands. I started JayVig Media, LLC because I wanted to help businesses build their brands in the social space and I felt I had the knowledge, drive, and understanding of the intricate ways in the social space to make that happen. I can't even grow my own audience and manage my own brands. How can I sell others on how to do it? After a year, JVM had a whopping 49 followers. The most interaction I get is anonymous people reporting this blog to FB to have me marked as spam and banned.

I'm not a salesman. I'm a pushy, loud, bullshit artist. Put me in a room and I'll have a better than average chance of convincing you. But I'm not a salesman. I can't reach people. I can't convert people to followers and followers to customers.

So, I'm just a regular user on FB now. No brands, no businesses, no articles, no videos, no conversations with the big names. No aspirations of taking over the social media world. I've unpublished JayVig Photography, Vig the Geek and JayVig Media. I have suspended my account on Empire Avenue. I've logged out of both Twitter accounts. I'm disconnecting myself from all extra accounts and social Internet communities.

I couldn't do it. I tried. Vig the Geek was running for years now. JayVig Media for over a year. I worked hard at each brand, my full time job, school, my personal relationships and individual hobbies. My businesses were not successful where they were sustainable. There wasn't any ROI. So they are shut.

I've decided to, amidst school, study for my CCNA. I'm going to prepare myself for technical work after the military as a network administrator or something similar for a company.

I'm not an entrepreneur. I just wanted to be.

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