Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am a doctor

Or at least I'll claim to be 6 months after I separate from the Air Force. Either I'll get the job as a doctor or get rich when a hospital tells me I'm not qualified. That is, if President Oblahblah passes this jobs bill soon. See, there's a clause that said businesses have to hire people who have been unemployed for a long time. If they don't, the candidate can sue them. So far there are no parameters about this. So I plan to be the chief of surgery for a large hospital with tons of money or I'll sue.

There is a $4,000 tax credit for hiring the unemployed and penalties for discriminating against them. Six months seems to be the magic number. Here is what will happen. People newly unemployed will get no jobs. People unemployed longer than six months will get no jobs. People unemployed right around 4-6 months will get tons of jobs.

Here's the rub. The penalties are for interviewing and not hiring the long term unemployed because it is considered discrimination. So, don't interview them. I realize I'm jeopardizing my career in medicine by letting this out, but the whole thing is just so silly. If they are never interviewed then they can't be hired yet the company is out of the woods on a discrimination suit.

However, if you're unemployed for just about 5 months I can interview you and ensure you start work just after the 6 month mark. I still get the tax credit. It's perfectly legal. Honestly, who starts the next day? You haven't been out of work for a year so your skill set is still sharp. You're not newly unemployed and screwing me out of my 4 grand either. Plus I get Barry O's seal of approval for putting people back to work under his program.

If you're newly unemployed I get no cash so you're out of luck. I'm sure as hell not getting sued over this shit other. So stay out of work for about 5 months and you're golden. Every company will realize this almost immediately. The ones that don't have earned the lawsuit. Remember the term "a fool and his money are soon parted?"

Score another one for socialist, help the world views backfiring nearly immediately.

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I guess you can ask now

As almost everyone who pays attention to the world around them knows, "Don't ask, don't tell" has come to an end. It is now ok for homosexuals to serve openly in the military. The confusion is that people believed that they couldn't serve previously. Untrue. They could. Just not admittedly. So to be gay in the military meant to be celibate. Here's the downer for folks in the military that are gay. Even though they can be open and in a relationship and live their lives as they see fit, they still can't get married. The defense of marriage act specifies that marriage is between opposite genders and that the states can't force other states to recognize same-sex marriage and the federal government can't recognize it as well. So steps have been taken but it's clearly not done. I think it's progressive, it was a matter of time, and it's just evolution away from ignorance.

I do have an issue with the execution of a couple of things however. Let's look at the bathroom situation. Currently, men and women are kept separate to avoid unprofessional situations. Now, I love women. I also love my paycheck. I also love not being in trouble. So, in field conditions if I had to be in the shower with a woman, I may sneak a peek, but I'm going to remain professional. They still won't put men and women in the shower together because of the potential for a problem. Some people may not be professional and cross the line. I'm also not attracted to EVERY woman out there, but women as a whole interest me, so that association is right out.

Gay men and straight men will have to share showers. Doesn't this put us in the same category as straight men and women? I know that not every gay man is interested in every straight man. Maybe no gay man is interested in me, but the potential is there just like me with a woman, right? Odds are that sooner or later a person in the shower (or bunk) with a member of the sex they are attracted to will see something specifically that interests them. That's uncomfortable. You wanna look, then look. I don't spook easily. But I've known of enough calls to the SARC (Sexual Response Assault Coordinator) over hetero situations gone awry, that I take issue with tempting fate.

I get it, gay men and women have always been in the military. Nothing is new there. However, they were all closeted during "Don't ask, don't tell" to avoid a break in their service as a whole. This has given a much needed freedom, but the military has not taken the time to mitigate the risks. Think about a gay man and a straight woman in a shower - very little opportunity to inappropriate conduct there.

The other issue I have is on the part of the homosexual military community. This ban has been lifted for a mere 13 hours. A Navy male couple has a marriage ceremony scheduled for today. Announcements have been made to co-workers. Videos posted of military members coming out to their parents on the phone - recorded as it happened.

I don't tell the world - "I LOVE WOMEN!!!" Why? Because it's the most common way and it's assumed. No, because it's none of anyone's fucking business who I prefer to see naked. It is what it is. It's my life. Gay people have been saying for so long that it's their personal choice to love who they love and it's not the business of anyone to interfere. Well then, don't announce it and invite trouble into your lives. It's like celebrities who put themselves in the limelight withe life they choose and get mad the paparazzi and scrutiny. You've been granted your wish. You can be openly gay. Now stop drawing attention to yourselves.

Also, keep in mind that for the ENTIRE HISTORY of the military, this has not been allowed. A few months ago the law was passed and we all had our training. Now a few months later it's ok. This is a huge culture shift. This is something that changes the dynamic across the entire military. And it's not a regular job. It's a lifestyle. We not only work together, but we live together, travel together, fight together and, at ties, die together. You want it go smooth? Help people with the transition by using some discretion and not making a big deal about it. I know it's a relief and you want to celebrate, but wouldn't you prefer acceptance and long term happiness? Should people be more accepting? Not important. What is important is what people ARE. They are young, for the most part. The average new entrant to the military is 18 years old. Not exactly fully mature or worldly. Many military members are also from conservative, small towns in middle America, not the liberal, accepting, melting pots of the big cities. You may be the first gay person they've met. Have you readily accepting EVERY new thing you've ever been faced with?

In the end, it'll work itself out and will become a way of life. However, it will be a hard enough road in the meantime without the wanton disregard for people's need to figure it out that will be disruptive to the mission and the lives of people in the military. It takes time. You got what you needed, now give those around you the opportunity to evolve with it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years later, I'm changed

Right now, my parents and my brother are on their way to downtown Manhattan to hear the rest of the names read at Ground Zero. They go for the second half because it is in that half that they hear the name Thomas Sabella. He was my uncle; my mother's brother. To hear all the names is an emotional undertaking too great. I know; just watching it on TV year after year wreaks great havoc on my ability to persist and function for the day.

People all over are weeping today, more than any other day, being the anniversary. It's in our faces, no matter how we try to avoid it. I'm far away. I'm serving in the active duty Air Force, due not in small part to what happened that day.

Lives have been and continue to be disrupted over an act of hate. So much death and destruction.

All for what? Because some radical sons of bitches just can't handle the way we do business here in the United States of America. I get that we've been doing it our way for 200 years and you've been doing it your way for 2,000 years. So fucking what? It's none of your damn business. Not to mention the fact that your radical asses are misreading your holy book in the first place. So what do you do? Come at us like cowards. Don't fight a war. Don't stand up and address it to the world. You sneak in and create this horrific event. Try it again. I fucking dare you. Man the fuck up and come down here because I swear that with every ounce of energy, resolve, anger, hurt, and strength that I possess I will squeeze every ounce of life out of any terrorist that dares step foot back in this country that I love and serve. Stand in front of me and tell me you celebrate 9/11/01, agree with what happened, or show allegiance to the radical extremist and believe in Jihad; then see what the fuck happens next. I'll show you Jihad and happily send you on your way.

Any you know what else? I, never in my life, felt I could take another human life for ANY reason. That has all changed. You and your actions have changed me, and not for the better so add that to the pile of reasons I hate you. You've turned me into someone capable of hate and able to feel like I could take life.

So after all that you did, you failed. We are not destroyed or demoralized. We've only gotten closer as a country and now we're on the hunt for you. You fucked up. We will find and exterminate every last one of you and remain the United States of America. It was all for naught, that you did.

Any terrorist scumbag up to my challenge? Feel free to stop by!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

10 is just a number like 9

With the impending 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, everyone (specifically the media) is in a frenzy about it. It seems to be a bigger deal than any of the years prior and I'm not sure that I understand why. It's just a number. Why is 10 more important than 9 or 8 or 3, for examples. Every year is hard for many people. You would think that with each year it gets easier and less important. By the way, by less important I don't mean to diminish anything associated with that date. You know that I, of all people, do not water down the meaning. I just mean more tolerable. Less intrusive on life. So why, when the 10 hits, do we amp it all up again?

Is it because we use a base 10 numbering system and we are conditioned to think in units of 10? Is it the same reason why our birthdays are a bigger deal when we hit 10, 20, 30, 40, etc? Those are even sillier because people say you're starting a new decade. Meanwhile, you don't start it until after your birthday passes. Your birthday is completion of a decade, not the start of another. I suppose the entire event is not past or future as much as it is just transitional commencement.

But as for 9/11, I fear it's almost becoming celebratory in some ways. Yay! We made it 10 years. We don't act and live it every day like we used to. We have gone back to our day to day lives. We cut people off again. We tell people to go fuck themselves. We took down the flags from our cars. We are angry, entitled Americans over and over. The "never forget" bumper stickers are so faded that we've even forgotten what they once said.

So why 10? It's just another year that I won't sleep well for the next two weeks. Tears are shed in the most impromptu of situations and often at inappropriate times and circumstances. I've been doing this every year since 2001. Frankly, I can't handle all the hoopla. Each year I try to minimize the impact to my life and, subsequently, the collateral damage that are the people around me who endure me around now.

Then it all picks up steam because an arbitrary number we focus on for no real reason has arrived. Not helpful. You want to affect change? Live your life like a hero who sacrificed life for strangers and do it every day. Don't do a dog and pony show because it's 10 years and turn my shit upside down.