Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Occupy Wall Street just pisses me off further and further every day. These people are pissed off at everyone with more money than them. Judging by the fact that they spend all day in the streets protesting, I'd say it's a safe bet that everyone will have more money than them in no time. In any event, they've taken their cause from one epicenter of money to another. The east coast based Occupy Wall Street has a left coast contingent called Occupy Hollywood. Let's bitch at all the actors that have too much money.

They are now calling celebrities the Asshole% for all the money they have. Guess what OWS/OH!! America is the cause of their money. We fund it. We buy tickets to movies and concerts. We watch the news and spew it all over social networking sites. We love a good scandal. We gobble up every possible way to scrutinize these individuals and fault them for what they have we gave them.

A blog called "But you're like really pretty" has gained attention in the past for its satire aimed at celebrities. It is a webcomic, published every Wednesday, that makes fun of every Hollywood scandal we can't seem to stop talking about. These comics have become the hood ornament for Occupy Hollywood and it has decided to weigh in on the topic.

Some of the actors/actresses it has addressed are:

  • Justin Bieber - "I'm 17 and worth 85,000,000. I am the asshole%. #occupyhollywood."
    • I find no talent in Justin Bieber. I've heard very little of his stuff, but what I have heard sounds to heavily processed that they can do that to anyone's voice to make it better. I was also singing about heartbreak at 14 so he's basically an asshole, HOWEVER, $85M worth of fans dig him. His money didn't fall from the sky.
  • Andersen Cooper - "Gay teenagers are being bullied everyday. Some are committing suicide. But I won't come out publicly. I am the asshole%. #occupyhollywood."
    • He's a news reporter that may or may not be gay. He's not obligated to come out publicly. Will it help young gay people? Maybe, but I can't see how. Does he feel he'd be hurting his life if he did? It seems so. I guess the point is that you think he's an asshole for doing what's best for himself first. We have to take care of ourselves. Kinda of like all the "occupiers" out there trying to get their piece of the pie.
  • Beyonce - "I'm pregnant with my first child. I am building the baby a 2,200 square ft nursery. I am the asshole%. #occupyhollywood."
    • You wouldn't do that if you could? Have you hard Beyonce sing or seen her dance? You want a piece of what she's got. Do what she does. Oh wait, you can't? Then you don't deserve it. It might be over the top - 2,200 sq ft is a house in itself - but she earned the right.
  • Lady Gaga - "I'm wearing meat on my head right now. I made $100,000,000 this year. I am the asshole%. #occupyhollywood."
    • What you may not know is that is Gaga started off normal with a little bit of a weird streak. Her first agent, based in Parsippany, NJ told her to play up the weird. She was initially resistant. He insisted the public would love it, she turned up the volume and people are waiting for her next stunt constantly. Whether it's a meat suit, a bubble dress, or her coming out of an egg, everyone wants to see what she'll pull next. And none of this behavior was her idea. It was the fact that everyone knows crazy Americans want it.
And my favorite...

  • Snooki - "I blackout every Thursday night on national television and make millions. SHOTS. SHOTS. SHOTS. I am the asshole%. #occupyhollywood."
    • I hate Snookie, the show, her castmates and everything about it. I think it's disgusting. I think it portrays my home in a bad light that is not indicative of the entire state - yet people from around the country don't know that, so Jersey Shore become the their only frame of reference. The cast is not even from New Jersey, to make it even less realistic. They do all the things they should be embarrassed about and get paid for all of it. It is disgusting behavior and I refuse to watch it. I won't support it. I rarely talk about it publicly. In the days of social networking and social media, I try not to use those words in a way that can be searched or indexed by marketers. Snooki is the asshole%, but we put her there so other than opinions, we can't try to stop it. Boycott is all you can do.
The whole point is that we create these by our attention, money, public admission of likes/dislikes, etc. Why didn't they make shows like this in the 1950's? Because it was inappropriate and nobody would go, they studio would shut down after going broke. Actors wouldn't get hired if they acted this way. People wouldn't spend the amount of money.

WE MADE IT ALL OK!! WE did. Not the actors. Not the studio. US. Don't like it? Fix it. Lobby for family values. Gather people to boycott the movies until Hollywood can't afford to pay people these sums of money anymore. Affect change. Don't picket and complain how stars spend the money we gave them. It's like buying me a painting for my birthday and complaining where I hang it in my house. It makes no sense.

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