Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am a doctor

Or at least I'll claim to be 6 months after I separate from the Air Force. Either I'll get the job as a doctor or get rich when a hospital tells me I'm not qualified. That is, if President Oblahblah passes this jobs bill soon. See, there's a clause that said businesses have to hire people who have been unemployed for a long time. If they don't, the candidate can sue them. So far there are no parameters about this. So I plan to be the chief of surgery for a large hospital with tons of money or I'll sue.

There is a $4,000 tax credit for hiring the unemployed and penalties for discriminating against them. Six months seems to be the magic number. Here is what will happen. People newly unemployed will get no jobs. People unemployed longer than six months will get no jobs. People unemployed right around 4-6 months will get tons of jobs.

Here's the rub. The penalties are for interviewing and not hiring the long term unemployed because it is considered discrimination. So, don't interview them. I realize I'm jeopardizing my career in medicine by letting this out, but the whole thing is just so silly. If they are never interviewed then they can't be hired yet the company is out of the woods on a discrimination suit.

However, if you're unemployed for just about 5 months I can interview you and ensure you start work just after the 6 month mark. I still get the tax credit. It's perfectly legal. Honestly, who starts the next day? You haven't been out of work for a year so your skill set is still sharp. You're not newly unemployed and screwing me out of my 4 grand either. Plus I get Barry O's seal of approval for putting people back to work under his program.

If you're newly unemployed I get no cash so you're out of luck. I'm sure as hell not getting sued over this shit other. So stay out of work for about 5 months and you're golden. Every company will realize this almost immediately. The ones that don't have earned the lawsuit. Remember the term "a fool and his money are soon parted?"

Score another one for socialist, help the world views backfiring nearly immediately.

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