Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years later, I'm changed

Right now, my parents and my brother are on their way to downtown Manhattan to hear the rest of the names read at Ground Zero. They go for the second half because it is in that half that they hear the name Thomas Sabella. He was my uncle; my mother's brother. To hear all the names is an emotional undertaking too great. I know; just watching it on TV year after year wreaks great havoc on my ability to persist and function for the day.

People all over are weeping today, more than any other day, being the anniversary. It's in our faces, no matter how we try to avoid it. I'm far away. I'm serving in the active duty Air Force, due not in small part to what happened that day.

Lives have been and continue to be disrupted over an act of hate. So much death and destruction.

All for what? Because some radical sons of bitches just can't handle the way we do business here in the United States of America. I get that we've been doing it our way for 200 years and you've been doing it your way for 2,000 years. So fucking what? It's none of your damn business. Not to mention the fact that your radical asses are misreading your holy book in the first place. So what do you do? Come at us like cowards. Don't fight a war. Don't stand up and address it to the world. You sneak in and create this horrific event. Try it again. I fucking dare you. Man the fuck up and come down here because I swear that with every ounce of energy, resolve, anger, hurt, and strength that I possess I will squeeze every ounce of life out of any terrorist that dares step foot back in this country that I love and serve. Stand in front of me and tell me you celebrate 9/11/01, agree with what happened, or show allegiance to the radical extremist and believe in Jihad; then see what the fuck happens next. I'll show you Jihad and happily send you on your way.

Any you know what else? I, never in my life, felt I could take another human life for ANY reason. That has all changed. You and your actions have changed me, and not for the better so add that to the pile of reasons I hate you. You've turned me into someone capable of hate and able to feel like I could take life.

So after all that you did, you failed. We are not destroyed or demoralized. We've only gotten closer as a country and now we're on the hunt for you. You fucked up. We will find and exterminate every last one of you and remain the United States of America. It was all for naught, that you did.

Any terrorist scumbag up to my challenge? Feel free to stop by!

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