Wednesday, August 03, 2011

It is already free

Big debate is heating up about whether birth control should be free. I'd be lying if I said that even part of me did not want it to be free. That just sounds convenient. The last thing I need (or the world needs, for that matter) is a clone of me or at least part of my DNA running around. However, that's probably exactly the reason it should NOT be free... not to mention the economic results.

First of all, birth control is free already, just not the pill form. It's called abstinence and it's available to everyone. However, to anyone that is realistic, or simply not a virgin, we know that abstinence is not going to happen for everyone. For those that practice it, birth control doesn't matter. For those that don't practice abstinence, we need another solution. There is the availability of condoms but everyone, especially guys, come up with every reason in the book why they shouldn't be used. From an enjoyment perspective, condoms really miss the mark, but they serve their purpose.

The birth control pill is the perfect solution (out of the offered ones that are realistic). More often than not, it regulates the female cycle which is convenient for her and for the guy remembering when it's a good time to steer clear of her and especially to be sure she has no red wine. A woman on her period and a couple of glasses of red wine is like a witch's brew and guys, trust me, every syllable out of your mouth is incorrect. Anyway, it's 99.99% effective or some such number. It doesn't get in the way of moment like saran wrapping your pecker. So give it away and let's make love, not vulcanized rubber.

The downside is that the last time we started a catch phrase with make love, it was the 60s before some carrier monkey delivered HIV/AIDS and the birth control pill doesn't protect against either one of those or any other grossness that may seek refuge in your special parts. So pregnancy isn't the only reason for putting up barriers between the outside parts and the inside parts when they meet.

Financially, giving away birth control is a disaster. We don't have money to pay the FAA which ensures we don't die in a plane crash. We don't have the money to pay our military enough and they actually die for us. We, as a government, have subsidized and subsequently partially own the railroads, the planes, and the automobiles as industries. And now the government wants to get in bed with, so to speak, birth control. You cannot get from point A to point B without the government's help. Apparently point B counts if it is work, school, a picnic or an orgasm. The point is that we just nearly default on all of our loans to other countries and became the United States of China and now we want to pay for something else for people when they COULD just stop having sex in the first place.

I think we should spend the money holding people accountable. You wanna open your legs, be prepared for what comes next. Guys that goes for you too. You convince her go down that road with you and procreate, man up and take care of it. If you're old enough to handle your business, you're old enough to handle your business. Use the money to counsel young (or even old enough but surprised) parents-to-be. Pay for a starter kit - like WIC on steroids - to get things going.

People are not gonna stop making the sex, girls will continue to end up pregnant, guys will continue to be deadbeats, kids will continue to make bad decisions, everyone will continue to believe "we'll be fine,"and the cycle will continue. Even if we made it free would everyone get it? Would everyone qualify? Would the recipients take it consistently? I think we're costing ourselves tons and tons of money for an output based on the behavior of people. The behavior of people who have not necessarily made the right choices often enough (as a whole, not individuals) that we had to consider this a solution.

Truly, I say spend the money on the reproduction police. You need a license to drive a car, but not raise a baby. Where's THAT legislation? Can't drink before you're 21? Can't plow around until you're....19 we'll say. It's gotta be earlier. The last thing we want is people drinking and humping for the first time at the same time.

So think about the measurable ramifications of this before your bleeding heart decides to just help the world.

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Anonymous said...

If people were ever able to make appropriate decisions whether it was free enhanced or just specifically preferred, we wouldn't be such a messed up society. The government appears to be lost yet again on what its supposed to be doing by sticking their noses into reproduction or the avoidance of more population There is so much other things to be worried about. As in your reflection, I can agree to an extent. There can be the most responsible person and use all things to help prevent pregnancy and it still happens. Its how you deal with it from that point on how things will work out. Either way, your wrong about the red wine. Its any alcoholic beverage and your screwed. Literally.