Sunday, August 28, 2011

A good buy?

Best Buy has come under fire from the general public because they were selling cases of water for $40 to people affected by hurricane Irene. Everyone is in an outrage over the whole thing. I disagree. I think $40 is unreasonable for a case of water, which is why I would never swipe my card for it. First, I think it's important to note that people who are so unprepared for a hurricane that they have to buy water from Best Buy get what they deserve with $40 cases. If a hurricane is headed your way, why are you in Best Buy in the first place.

Anyway, people are going berserk about this. The particular store declined to comment which spun people into pissed off even further. Today Best Buy, as a company, came out with a statement about the whole thing. Here is their statement:
We truly appreciate all of you making us aware of your feedback in regards to one of our stores selling cases of bottled water priced inappropriately.
After receiving requests to buy cases of bottled water rather than individual bottles as we typically sell them, the team involved posted the cumulative price of each item, as the price for the case.
Best Buy did not intend to take advantage of the need for supplies in the wake of Hurricane Irene and we corrected the matter immediately.
Of course, rather than understand this, the public is even MORE pissed off about it. People are boycotting Best Buy over it. That's a good idea. Go somewhere else. You think this gigantic corporation is going to miss your business? They made a mistake, they apologized. All of you faultless people can't understand what it's like to have a flaw. There are currently 229 comments on Best Buy's Facebook page, most of which are screaming that the company is full of assholes.

Best Buy sells water by the bottle at the checkout line. It's probably about 2 bucks, maybe $1.70. That sounds like it's close to $40 for 24 bottles. Typically, when you buy things by the case, it's cheaper than the sum of its parts. Maybe Best Buy should have had a price for the case as a whole but what you may have forgotten is that they sell ELECTRONICS. The water bottles is a convenience along with the Coke/Sprite/Dr.Pepper/etc on checkout. It's no different than the Snickers bars and National Enquirers in the supermarket. As anyone who has spent even an hour working a register in a supermarket knows, often things don't scan. This means the UPC barcode is not in the system or there is no SKU for that product.

Is it possible that this affects Best Buy? I'd say it's not only possible or even likely, but definite that they do not have a code for a case of water. Know why? They don't sell it by the case. So people are stupid and unprepared and shopping for DVDs in case the power goes out and realize "Oh shit... we have no water." So they ask Best Buy if they can buy a case of it. There's no way to ring it up other than charging for 24 bottles x price per bottle. It's that or nothing. They try to help out the stupid masses in a pinch and get slammed for it.

Next time, get your ass up and get the necessities, not a new TV.

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