Friday, July 08, 2011


Oops. We don't say that anymore, do we? Guess what? I do. The politically correct movement has gone so far that we change terms even when they aren't politically incorrect in the first place. 

The mailman is a letter carrier. There aren't waiters or waitresses anymore; they are servers. Like the late, great George Carlin said, we will have a personhood cover in the street and children will be afraid of the boogeyperson. And he was right. It's going to be that my cats will soon be Feline-Americans.

I'm so confused I can't keep up with this anymore. Some of them make sense and some needed to happen. I can see why we went to black from Negro - it's not like they mean the exact same thing. In all seriousness, it wasn't based on definition. It was connotation and the ignorant parties that made it negative. 

I happen to be on a plane at the moment so maybe that's why this one is on my mind, but I've always been confused about the move from Stewardess to Flight Attendant.  It's not a gender thing because we always had the male variant - Steward - in the rare event you see a male doing the job. Frankly most males doing the job are more feminine than the women doing it in the first place. That aside, the term steward or stewardess means, as I understand it, someone who has people put in their care or charge. 

They are singularly responsible for the well being of those in their territory. Isn't there some honor in that? Doesn't having the word "attendant" in your title make you feel closer to handing out cologne and mints in a bathroom than to a caregiver? What drove this change? Anything or was it change for the sake of change? Has anyone given it thought or am I just that bored? Maybe it's the Canadian Club whiskey at high altitudes. 

Anyway, I'm done here. I'm calling the stewardess for another mini bottle. 

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