Saturday, July 02, 2011

The past is the past

This is going to surprise many people because as you all know, I'm FAR from a NASCAR fan. However, this isn't about NASCAR. This about passing judgment on someone and affecting them today for something they did long ago. If you're a NASCAR fan or just a red blooded American male and post-pubescent you know who Paige Duke is. For those of you don't know who she is, let me explain. She's the super hot, girl next door looking, Hooters girl turned NASCAR Sprint Cup hottie. But, sadly, that is no longer the case. Paige Duke has been relieved of duty.

Why you might ask. Ok, fine. I'll fill you in. Apparently, last week there were some photos of her that surfaced on a website. According to the news, they were graphic in nature. They were taken while she was a student of Clemson, getting her degree in Animal Science. So what we're saying is that a smart, educated, college graduate blessed with natural beauty who is paid by NASCAR with the purpose of being hot, was once young and slight inappropriate in front of a camera. Here is another case of prude Americans also being judgmental and allowing themselves to be engulfed in hypocrisy. Everyone was fine with staring at this beauty while she donned Sprint logos, but because she once, privately, doffed her clothes, she's no longer fit for NASCAR.

What confuses me is due to my lack of NASCAR knowledge. From that I know of it, cars turn left at unsafe speeds. Hillbillies gather around and drink too much while watching and cheering that the most violent accidents. They say it's the fastest growing sport in America, which makes me believe that they try to attract all demographics and all backgrounds. Surely, she can't be the only one that showcased the features God gave her for a lens. And she did it privately. Why don't we crucify the son of a bitch that leaked them to the press? What business is it of his to ruin her career (or at least part of it).

NASCAR, of course, places no responsibility on the pictures for the termination of her employment with them. Naturally, their statement is vague and generic - as to be expected then their general counsel and PR people get involved. She started with the Sprint Cup as Miss Sprint Cup at the start of the 2010 season. Of the 3 beauties that served that function, the other 2 are still active. She was terminated 4 days after the photos surfaced. So why do YOU think it happened?

Anyway, I guess what I'm driving at here is the fickle nature of us... once again. She's not a public servant. She's not an elected official. There are not children in her charge. Even if any of the above were true, these photos happened before any of it. So, she had a past. Just like me. Just like you. Just like the fat cat executives of NASCAR. I'm sure THEY'RE all squeaky clean. Mother Theresa and NASCAR execs all have a special place in heaven.

Nice job embarrassing the hell out of this poor girl. You should have, let it go, but if you couldn't see your way clear to do that, then you should have at least let her finish the season while the fanfare of the pics died down and then she simple doesn't come back next year. If it was about the pictures, that would have been more tactful. If it wasn't about the pictures, then it wouldn't have raised suspicion that it was.

Paige, we still love you. Who needs NASCAR? You're beautiful and smart. I'm sure your life will be just fine in whatever direction it takes next. Good luck. To the NASCAR/Sprint Cup execs - clearly you're a quart low. To America, where do you get off judging her?


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to argue the points you made about whether it was right or not to fire her, but I wanted to point one thing out. NASCAR's response was vague because it was not their call. She was employed by Sprint, not NASCAR. I know I'm nitpicking, but I hate when people attack the sport that I love without having the tiniest speck of knowledge about it.

Jason said...

1) I admitted I know very little about it.
2) I included Sprint in my comments near the bottom.
3) Sprint Cup is a part of NASCAR, is it not?
4) Regardless of the company on their business cards, the mentality of the execs is the same.
5) Not attacking the sport. Attacking the actions of executives.