Thursday, July 07, 2011

It's good to be me

Just thought everyone should know that. You may disagree with me, but in my world, it's good to be me. My life is good. I love my job (90% of the time), I'm surrounded by terrific friends, I have a family that simply can't be beat, and I'm very often right about things. Haha. So I'm mostly kidding about the last part.

It's generally good to be me because I'm so driven. I refuse to take life sitting down and use my vision and drive to make things happen for me. One such thing is the creation of my new company. As many know, I've tried my hand at business after business over the years. First it was the home networking company. Then came the expansion of that into training, web design and consultation, called Tech-City. Branched from there was ProWriting where I'd review and edit documentation such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Compete Statements, resumes, offer letters and act as a non-legal arbiter. Tech-City also birthed MobileMedia that put technology in cars, long before everything was small and easy to do. Installed things like mini PCs or touchscreens in vehicles. Then I started JayVig Photography where I sold the prints of my photo work. In late 2009 I began to act as a freelance tech news writer for a news agency, started Vig The Geek technology/consumer gadget reviews and opened my YouTube channel. In 2010, launched providing free advice for building your brand in the social space.

Now in the middle of 2011, most of those efforts are combining into a relaunch of JayVigMedia with the official forming of JayVigMedia, LLC. I have business partners and we are all ready to change the world. So many good ideas and amazing content coming soon. We have something to offer all brands from small businesses to large corporations. We've also identified some breakout markets that need social integration and are preparing to help inject it.

The support of people has been amazing and truly fuels my fire. I've had some comments made to me about my plans that are just so unbelievable. I can't begin to be thankful enough. My friends have always been there for me.

There is one reason for my successes (those so far and those yet to happen) and it is my ability to read people. Lately, I've fallen off a little bit but throughout my life my precision is second to none. I can spot a phony a mile away. I know who to invest in and how to short sell the hell out of. I know people.

You know what else I know about people? What they're feeling even when they don't say it. Remember my last post about Casey Anthony? The post was really about the judicial system, but Casey was the example du jour. In my article I defended the judicial system. I spoke of using facts to convict or acquit. Everyone said I was crazy. I knew the jury felt she was guilty, but did the right thing by looking for proof. Guess what happened? The jurors are coming out one-by-one saying that they were sick to their stomachs to let her go. They WANTED to convict her, but just couldn't. Deliberation was emotional. Men and women were crying and looking for a way to convict her, but as we all know... innocent until proven guilty. While they felt she was guilty, they couldn't prove it. So she's free. Just like I knew would happen. And the people who set her free, felt exactly how I knew they felt. I read this entire thing to a tee. Everyone went apeshit and yelled at me. Oops.

See? I know people.

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