Monday, June 20, 2011

Sad about this guy?

If I'm reading the news correctly, a guy who made a living by doing stupid, dangerous things died in a very similar way last night. Ryan Dunn, formerly of Jackass fame, was in a car wreck last night that killed himself and his passenger. This guy was known for doing stupid, daredevil stunts. Preliminary reports from the accident say that speed and alcohol may have been factors.

I was never really a watcher of Jackass. The name itself implies it's devoid of all possible intellectuality. I've seen it from time to time and they had their funny bits, but they always seemed to go too far into the realm of pure stupidity. Just totally inane. I couldn't handle it. Especially when they went from stupid to disgusting.

Facebook and Twitter are all a buzz with people being upset and missing Ryan Dunn. What has this guy done since Jackass? Was he even one of the main player when he was on Jackass? He's most famous for putting a toy car in his asshole. Why do we praise and worship stupid people who do stupid things and enable them to do more of it? Then when the most likely thing in the world happens and they kill themselves being the exact person we helped condition them to be, we're upset.

Do people really hold so little value in their lives and have nothing better to do than watch people purposely hurt themselves? And how do these people get so many viewers to line up behind them and consider them heroes? I've often spoken about the focus of America and why we're looked at like we are morons by the rest of the world. Maybe weeping on Facebook about the loss of an ignoramus who hurt himself on purpose is part of it.

I'm definitely confused. I could not possibly give less of a shit about the death of Ryan Dunn. Sure, nobody wants to see and other human being get killed. But he's just like any other person and gets no special treatment from me. I'm partially disturbed that Ryan Dunn has impacted me to the point that I've used this time to write this post. He was a moron. A true Jackass and while I don't wish death on anyone I can't saw I'm shocked. He acted stupid. He drank and drove and posted pictures to his Twitter while doing it. Frankly, he got what was coming to him. Still sad?

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