Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mark Halperin is fine

Here I am again, disgusted by the schoolyard bullying and baby handholding that goes on in America. Does anyone have thick skin anymore? You know what? Forget schoolyard stuff. In the schoolyard we used to say "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me." It seems that's forgotten as we get older.

Yesterday, Time Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Mark Halperin is also a senior political analyst for MSNBC. He was on yesterday and he called President Obama a name. Oh boy. Here we go. Keep in mind that Halperin was an ardent support of Barack Obama during the campaign. In two years his views have changed. So, he called the president a dick. He said, "I thought [Obama] was a dick yesterday." Earth shattering.

Let me just say one thing from my end. If I'm not being a dick and you call me a dick, I couldn't give a shit less about it. Think what you want. I know my place and my actions and I know that I'm not a dick. Now, if I'm actually being a dick and you call me a dick, I'm probably gonna get a little pissed off about it. It stings when someone pegs you with a negative connotation. So why is the President getting the red-ass about it? Maybe because it's true.

So Halperin got suspended within a split second of saying it and posted a public apology. Are you kidding me? The guy gets paid to analyze a political situation and opine about it. So he did. What's the beef here? That one grown up called another grown up a grown up name? Was the FCC pissed? Can you even say dick on TV? I don't know. Are there children watching MSNBC that learned a dirty word?

Aren't we protected by something that allows us to speak our minds? What's that damn thing called? Oh yeah, The First Amendment of the Constitution protects our freedom of speech. Doesn't the first amendment specifically speak of freedom of the press as it applies to not worrying about repercussions from an overreaching government? So Mark Halperin, call the president a dick all day long, but only if you really believe it.

Every president, of late, has been called every name in the book. Look at Dubya... that guy got less respect than Rodney Dangerfield. Nobody said a damn thing about it. It's political commentary. It's opinion. What if he interchanged words. Instead of calling him a dick, he explained his feelings using other words. Realistically, he would still have a negative opinion of the president. So what we're really pissed off about is syntax? Do I have that right?

Let me make one thing clear. I'm not going to advocate for acting like a degenerate neanderthal that can only spit on themselves while cursing out high ranking officials. Let's keep things in perspective. But Mark Halperin is the Editor-in-Chief of Time Magazine and a Senior Political Analyst for MSNBC. Presumably, he's good at what he does and he's educated. He's also human and slipped and if anything, spoke a little too honestly for all the prudes out there. Let's not crucify a guy for saying a word we've all said just because he said it to a larger audience. You know why I haven't said the word dick to millions of Americans? I've never had an audience that large.

Grow up America and Mark, speak the truth brother. Somebody has to. I do, but nobody listens to me.

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