Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who is surprised?

If you're reading this AND a friend on Facebook, you should have seen a status from earlier today that said, "So what you're saying is that a super rich movie star with political power that's known for being a womanizer has cheated on his wife. I don't know about you but I'm shocked." Let's retrace the governator's steps. He gets his start by being one of the most famous bodybuilders and Mr. Universe. It's no secret that many women like a well built man. He moves into movies and we're talking about tough guy, badass movies. He's an action hero. Girls want him and guys want to be him. Both combined he's got enough financial worth to give everyone in his home country $50,000,000 each. He married a Kennedy. His latest endeavor made him governor of California. That's the man we're dealing with.

So yesterday we find out he had a child out of wedlock. According to several websites, 41% of marriages have one or both parties admit to infidelity, 57% of men admit to it in any relationship they've had, and 74% of men claim they would have an affair if they knew they'd never get caught. These are normal people, not the folks from Hollyweird. Now think about how many celebrities you hear about having affairs. Now, just for giggles think about the men that share blood with Maria Shriver... yeah the Kennedy's were no angels. Ok, back to the point. Oh, I forgot a fact. Mrs. Terminator said publicly, today that she knew for years he was a womanizer.

So, I ask you... where's the surprise coming from? Do I condone what he did? Absolutely not. Do I understand why such a high profile person would ever do that give the amplified risks and so much more to lose? Not even a little. Does any of this surprise me one iota? Not a chance.

If he was a nobody, would this get press? No way because people do it all day long. What about a regular governor that wasn't a celebrity or household name outside of his or her state? It'd get mentioned. Constituents would be furious and then use it as a means to get "their guy" in office and then it would die. So why is it worse or even more newsworthy when it's Arnie? It's not. It's LESS newsworthy because his situation has the writing on the wall that it would happen long before it did happen. I think he's just lucky he's not dealing with the Kennedy family of the 1950s or he's be in a heap of trouble. I don't care how big Arnold is, Ol' Joe Kennedy would whoop his ass. He was tough for a Democrat.

And can the Communist News Network (you call it CNN), please drop the outrage that he lied to his voters? How many of his voters are a) California hippies that are busy eating granola in trees or trying to restore The Haight to the glory days of 1967 or b) busy cheating on their spouses in a cheap motel with no TV in the first place? Did you really think he was gonna come out and say anything before he had to?

Does the fact that he had naughty time with someone other than Maria mean he can't make sound decisions about budgets and laws? What's the real harm for the voters? Yes it's wrong and dishonest. Did you elect him because you liked the way he treated his wife or for his policies? His personal life is exactly that - personal.

Oh and partisan folks using party lines to blame this on the Republicans and use the conservative family values thing against him; I've got something for you too. Who cheated while holding a very special circular office? Clinton. Party? Democrat. Who else? Kennedy. Party? Democrat. I'm not getting on the case of the Dems. Just saying that party lines have nothing to do with this. The only lines Conan was interested in were panty lines.

So back to my original question - who is surprised?

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