Monday, May 02, 2011

Proof is in the logic

So now that the fanfare has died down concerning the killing of Osama Bin Laden, everyone is using their Internet muscles to scream about wanting proof that it's him and not a doppleganger. Of course it's him. The government did DNA testing to verify that. Oh wait, you don't trust the government? Neither do it. You think they're idiots? Me too. However, let's assume that amongst all of them, even the simplest principles can be applied. Now let's weigh the pros and cons of lying and what his death really means.

As we know, Jihad is the struggle of Islam and in our case, refers to martyrdom for most of our enemies. So, the way I see it, there were a couple of ways for Osama Bin Laden to have died with a couple of results.

First, is that we found him in some subterranean shithole, dead, covered in his own shit with a low battery warning on his dialysis machine. Did he die for his cause? With pride? Is he a martyr? I'm gonna say the answer is a huge, resounding NO.

Second, we kill him. The infidel Americans take him out and he dies for his cause. He's a hero and a martyr and every Islamic nutball with an AK-47 and too much opium in his bloodstream wants to be just like him. He died for Jihad and is a hero to his people. This is what happened.

If we kill him, we reignite his cause. If he dies in a Pakistani cave, a lot of his cause dies with him. So... why lie? If anything, they should have killed him and said they found him, already dead.

Next, there are thousands and thousands of Americans with wide open wounds since 9/11, many of which will never heal entirely and some not at all. This is a little closure. Unless our government is not just inept, but purposeful about hurting citizens, why lie?

So if YOU were to see a body, could you determine it was him? If you saw a death certificate or the DNA results, YOU could verify them to be true? Our government makes mistakes at times (as does every individual person screaming for proof), but this is such a major event that means to much, I find it hard to believe that they'd lie or overlook simple details.

Will there be retaliation from Muslim extremists? I'd say so. Will someone take his place? I'd say so. Is the war over? Absolutely not. Some Americans, will lash out at Muslims because, let's face it, we've got some dummies. The war could escalate. Again, why lie?

He was not solely responsible for 9/11. He didn't even plan much of the operations of the event. He was the front man for Al Qaeda. He's a motivator to those people as well. He's the one that delivered messages of terror around the world. The bottom line is that he was the association to 9/11 and terrorism in the minds of many people. So is that why the government would fake his death? Well, then what's to stop him from appearing on TV, if he's still alive, which would strike more fear into the hearts of Americans.

If it's not true, why now? As someone very personally connected to 9/11 I can tell you that my joy last night was mitigated by the rush of negative emotions surrounding that day. Why bring up so much hurt and pain and awful memories at just about the midway point through the year, when we'll all go through it again on the anniversary this September? The 10th anniversary at that.

I suppose the bottom line is that nobody really knows and now the son of a bitch is at the bottom of the ocean, but is there really ANY sense whatsoever to lying or faking it? Can ANY good at all come of it? Use your heads and think it through. And by the way, just because the Internet allows it, it doesn't mean you have to speak every single thought to the world. Filter some of the nonsense. Realize that many Americana took much solace in the death of that man and all the conspiracy theories pulled just a little bit of joy away from the situation. Don't detract from it. Have your doubt, but don't spew it online. Many of us needed this.

So in reality, the only person causing heartache for Americans, is you. I think he's dead. I want to believe it. I have to believe it and logically speaking... I simply just believe it.

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