Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening day annoyances

It's opening day in baseball and I'm a NY Yankees fan and so begins the half of the year that I spend defending myself and my beloved Yankees. The attacks have already started, preemptively, and slightly more lighthearted in nature but they'll be in full swing. Before that happens, I'm going to break it down for you. If you're a NOT a Yankees fan, read this so you'll understand. If you are, give this to someone who is not so that they may be enlightened.

Year after year people (Yankees haters) criticize the Yankees and say they suck. We remind them that the Bronx Bombers have won 27 World Series and they when they do suck, they're just tired from winning so much. Then they throw at us, that the Yankees don't win championships, they buy them. Here's where the conversation gets hot.

None of the Yankees' championships have been earned. They have all be stolen by the riches of Steinbrenners. I understand that NY has an unfair advantage over Milwaukee with its demographic. New York has more people and amore affluence than most other locations. This means they can charge more for ticket prices and at the concessions and have their own TV channel (YES Network) and people will pay. The revenue turns into  higher salaries for players or more big name players. That's the breaks. We can't help that New York has more people living in it. I'm sorry that Kansas City is not a bustling metropolis spawned from turn of the century immigration, but it's not. More people = more money and New York just has it.

As for how that money is spent, let's address why we have the big names in NY. So if you have limitless funds or nearly limitless funds; you just won a $200 million PowerBall lottery... will the next car dealership you walk into be a Kia? You've been given an insane amount of funding for your new company, are you going to hire high school dropout and ex-convicts?

I'm pretty sure I've said, at least once before, the business of business is business. The business of sports is business... and winning (not in a Charlie Sheen way). If I have a team and the money to win, I'm going to make sure that happens. By the way, the money isn't buying the championship. The money is buying the talent to win the championship. League officials are not paid off to call the World Series in the Yankees favor (not any more than any other major league sports corruption anyway). I would hire the best people for the job in any industry and that's what happens in baseball with the Yankees. Are we here to lose?

If you think this is unfair, you may be right. But where is the onus? The MLBPA and the MLB have not instituted a salary cap. So, for now, the Yankees are playing the hand they are dealt. They have more money due to location and they use that to their advantage. That's smart business. So if you have a beef with the Yankees and the hight priced player, save it. Call the players' association and talk about leveling the playing field with a salary cap.

I'm just done hearing complaints that a team keeps winning when they are playing by the rules and doing well at it.

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