Friday, May 22, 2009

Dunkin Dunkin Donuts Donuts

The below is a previously written and unreleased blog that automatically posted in my absence to help fill the void left in your hearts when I begun my travels.

Don't adjust your monitor or your glasses... you're not seeing double.

I was eating a Donut. The taste of the donut indicated that it might be from Dunkin' Donuts. So I said "I was eating a Dunkin Donuts donut." I stopped mid-sentence to the confused looks from those around me. One spoke up and said "Did you just say donut twice?" As tired as I was, I paused to think and repeat the sentence to myself quietly and answered back "Kinda. I said Dunkin Donuts donut." He asked me why didn't I just say "Dunkin Donut" and leave it at that.

I figured that would be inappropriate since Dunkin Donuts is the name of the brand and a donut is the product that I was eating at the moment; rather than a bagel or even a cruller. So what kind of donut was it? The Dunkin Donuts kind... a Dunkin Donuts donut.

Now, to complete the lunacy, take it a step farther. Should you be enjoying a donut with coffee and should you dunk that donut in your coffee then you would be dunking a Dunkin Donuts donut, would you not? so if someone asks you what you're doing you just simply reply:

dunkin Dunkin Donuts donuts