Thursday, December 03, 2009

There are not the droids you're looking for & Elvis was gay

How many times to do I have to tell everyone to quit playing the Ostrich and get your heads out of the sand. Hiding from problems doesn't make them go away overall. It just keeps them from view to you. People in this country are quick to believe the first thing they're told and refuse to acknowledge anything further. It doesn't matter what it pertains to either. Elvis slept with this wife once to pro-create. Look at how he looked, acted and dressed. The guy was gay. But wave a hand in our faces and tell us these are not the droids we're looking for and the Jedi mind trick is complete. We're content to believe what we're told even when there is all the evidence to the contrary.

As a foundation to the argument I'm about to begin, I want everyone to know that this Saturday there is a prediction for snow in Mississippi. You can see where this is going. Australia just recently fired their chief Climatologist after resounding proof that global warming was either a myth or a mistake had surfaced. But here in this country we're still going green to protect ourselves from rapid warming of the Earth. I'm not against going green or protecting the planet but like with everything else in life I want to know the why behind it. If we're doing it because it's healthier for us; I'm on board. If we're doing it for long term preservation of the planet; I'm on board. If we're doing it to prevent a mythical rise in temperature while I'm freezing my ass off in Mississippi and parts of this country had snow in September? You can keep your green thumb and sit on it for all I care.

At what point is this country going to wake up and realize that we can't buy into all the propaganda that comes our way? At the very least, we're obligated to view opposing positions and have the capability of changing our minds later. For far too long, we've taken things at face value and applied them on a grand scale. To quote a common Internet slang; that's an epic fail.

How can you believe everything the government tells you without even questioning it to any degree? Do you not think the government is self-serving? Remember; this is the same institution that told the baby boomers to hide under their wooden desks in the event of a nuclear attack. When things are burning around you, covering yourself in kindling is far from the smartest idea. It was our government that refused to share information inter-agency, basically within itself, in order to prevent the September 11th attacks out of a selfish need to appear infallible.

Now the government is into the auto industry for how much money? Promoting the widespread panic of a melting Earth with a solution that will cost taxpayers billions of dollars both in tax revenue and direct net profits for the auto companies is good business. If you want to find the source of the disease, look to the guy holding the antidote. They are often one and the same.

I've said a bunch of ways already, usually in a much angrier tone than tonight. However, I stand before you as a citizen concerned for the future and well being of this country and the society within as we spiral ever downward because we can't seem to think for ourselves.

Read the facts, ignore Al Gore and do what you'll do for the environment for the RIGHT reasons. Just don't do it because you're afraid you'll wake up underwater one day when the ice caps melt and flood the globe.

Think for yourselves, sheep!

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