Monday, October 05, 2009

Petty Friend Request Behavior

A couple of days ago I received a friend request on Facebook. It was from a female I barely knew about 6 years ago. We were stationed together the last time I was here at Keesler AFB. I deliberated very briefly when I realized... a) we weren't friends 6 years ago, b) we haven't even spoken in 6 years... she's neither friend nor foe. I looked at her photos and found lots of drunken ridiculousness and what even appeared to be her kissing another female (VERY graphically). Now I said to myself... we have very little in common. How old is this person anyway? 24! Hmmm... what is the felt effect of being friends with her? I get to see drunk stories, I get to re-live being 24 all through the eyes of a perfect stranger. Nah, I'm going to pass. Now, while there are 200 people on my friends list that I've never met, they are other "Vigliones" from around the world. We have something in common, if nothing other than our names. I don't share that much of a common bond with this individual. So I clicked ignore.

This morning I received an email from her asking why I denied her. I was a little perturbed at the gall on this individual. I wanted to leave it be and not even reply but I just couldn't. It was 5am, it was dark, it was raining, it was cold, I was in my blues uniform and on the way to work. My mood would not allow this to go unnoticed. So I sent a bit of a wordy reply mentioned all that I mentioned to you above and maybe 1 or 2 other items to the tune of the fact that I'm in a committed relationship and striking up new friendships with complete female strangers, especially those known to be without good moral character, is not the way I operate. Basically, the outcome of a FB friendship with this person is not positive for me. I wouldn't say it's altogether negative. It's a non-entity so why bother. It's like eating white bread. You do it when there's nothing else around but it provides no flavor, no substance. Just filler when you've got nothing else in the house.

Well, Ms. White Bread replied very quickly with a nasty note about all the reasons why she's better than me and why my response wasn't legitimate or sensible. Then she signed off with a self-detrimental point of argument. She said that it didn't matter that I'm not single because she'd never sleep with me and tied up the line with "and I'm not picky." Well then... ok. Clearly sleeping with her was never on my mind since I didn't even want to be FB friends and moreover... she's not picky? How is that a jab at me? Calling yourself a slut and me a guy that doesn't meet your slutty standards doesn't leave me any worse for the wear because you're still the one that's a slut.

In any event, is that what this has all come to? Looking up people for the sake of looking them up? Needing verification and pats on the back that you're still a good person when someone doesn't FB friend you? And finally... going on the attack when someone you said 5 words to 6 years ago doesn't want to continue a zero of a friendship? I think it's all pretty pathetic. And to think I used to get heartburn about deleting friends on social networking sites because I thought it was as bad as hanging up on someone mid-sentence. Needless to say, my privacy restrictions on here have become exponentially more stringent - at least until the world grows up a little.

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