Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined... yet family friendly

Hooters has always been known by that slogan. Moreover, they are famous for their wings... and breasts. Busty women in short shorts and well known tank tops bring beer and wings to ogling men. Not in Biloxi, MS apparently.

A couple of weeks ago during the MLB ALCS I was there - during the now infamous conversation with my least favorite Yankees hater that I posted about before. During that argument I had that manager come over and ask us to quiet down and watch the language because there were children around.

First things first, why are children frequenting Hooters EVER let alone on a weekend night during baseball playoffs when the bar is packed with beer chugging sports nuts? Secondly, why are they a priority over a group of male adults enjoying Hooters for its very specifically tailored features?

That incident notwithstanding, I like the place. The wings are good, the beer is cheap and women are... Hooters qualified women. So, I went back tonight to watch the baseball game. The game turned out to be a disaster but at least I was poised to enjoy a decent evening out and social and laden with lager.

We arrived shortly before the game was to be aired on FOX. Naturally I asked my server's breasts to change the channel to FOX. I'm assuming she had a head and face, but I hadn't looked far enough north to be sure.

Moments later, the on duty manager came by and said she'd be more than happy to change the channel to FOX in a few moments after family guy was over. At first thought, I figured it had to be because, as a sports bar, they weren't going to show sitcoms. Maybe it was because the musicin the place would make watching Family Guy senseless if muted (as if Family Guy is ever NOT senseless in the first place). Of course, I was applying logic and reason to the scenario.

The truth of the matter, as evidenced by the latter half of her sentence, was that they had to wait because they are not allowed to show family guy due to its inappropriate content. Let me get this straight. Your slogan calls you tacky AND unrefined. You stake your claim in the restaurant industry as the premier purveyor of hot women who amplify their tips by hanging their asses out of the bottoms of their shorts and their breasts out of the tops of their shirts. Yet Family Guy is over the line?

Had they said that they are an American institution and they don't support Seth McFarlane or his pro-socialist, commie, pinko views, I'd have motorboated every self-esteem challenged waitress in appreciation. Sadly for me, from a variety of standpoints, this was not the case. They're just too wholesome for the crude humor of family guy.


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