Monday, April 27, 2009

A photo is not worth panic

But this current presidential administration apparently thinks it is. A White House official approved a mission last week that took place this morning. The mission was for a VC-25, better known as Air Force One, to fly over lower Manhattan escorted by fighter jets. Sound familiar? Well if the scene reminds you of 9/11/01, you should see the flight path that the plane took, which is pretty similar to 7 and a half years ago. this mission was simply a photo op. So for the sake of a photo, many lower Manhattan companies were evacuated in panic. Other pertinent details include the fact that the FAA approved this, local and state authorities were notified, but the public was kept in the dark. Additionally, it was specifically kept quiet to the point that Mayor Bloomberg didn't even know and he is none too happy with folks about it.

So the first evidence of this "photo op" for the general public was seeing a similar aircraft flying in a similar place with similar fighter jets right behind it. Everyone knows that it's restricted air space so what would people imagine was going on? If it was a routine flight that was approved, why hide it?

So at the end of his first 100 days, President Obama allowed White House officials to pull this stunt. His approval rating is still through the roof although waning in the past couple of weeks.

Here's my note to you Mr. Obama. Think about the cost in poll points to yourself after this shit. Think about the cost of confidence and serenity lost on your "blue" constituents in NY. Think about the cost of the friggin' fuel to fly those 3 planes in that area. Then realize you could have had a pre-teen photoshop the same fuckin' picture for a free pair of movie tickets.

Was it worth it? So you've got a photo of your plane and the financial district at half staff with all the PTSD flare ups and an official apology from the White House plastered right below the "First 100 days" title bar on every news service in the country.

Nice work Einstein!

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