Saturday, March 07, 2009

Half Truths or Half Told Truths

I can't decide if there is a difference in concept or in felt impact between the two. I recently got an email on another site asking me to join the fray and help stop the clubbing of baby seals in Canada before the 2010 Olympics. The logo showed the Olympic rings so, naturally, my first thought was that it was going to be a new sport. You can imagine my disappointment as I read on.

As it turns out, this crusade is led by PETA, which I recently learned does NOT stand for People Eating Tasty Animals. Dismayed once again.

My spidey sense should have warned me that this was going to inflame my intolerance for left wing, tree hugging, hippy, commie, pinko bastards. (simply stated - Democrats).

Here's the deal, PETA wants to stop the clubbing of baby seals before the 2010 Olympics arrive because it'll put Canada in the spotlight, etc. I have some thoughts on this.
1) Does anyone think the Molson guzzlers care what PETA has to say on the topic?
2) While I think that Canadians can put their time to more productive use by studying proper vowel usage, skinning baby seals is what they do. It's not dissimilar to seeing the Italian greaseball right off the Tortellini boat like me with Tomato gravy dripping down my chin. It's really not much of a surprise.
3) I find it hard to believe that a group of flannel wearing Canadians sat around and one said "How can we get more press here, since the Olympics aren't really noteworthy?" and got a reply "EUREKA! Let's club baby seals!" This has been going on for a long, long time.
4) Now, PETA likes to talk about the cruelty to animals part but nowhere do they mention any of the reasons why it may be necessary to let this activity continue. For instance, is there an overpopulation of seals? This is done seasonally and once a year so it could be a way of population control.
5) With every industry seemingly failing in more than just a few countries is now a good time to put people out of work to save animals?
6) Not much more to say than - evolution and/or food chain.

Believe me, I don't wish harm on animals and quite often there are more people I'd like to see clubbed than animals in the first place. Unfortunately, you can't make a coat out of all of my ex-girlfriends so they're left free to roam causing more harm than the seals on any given day. However, why must every group with a cause get in the way of everyone else with a cause. You don't see the seal clubbing industry firing back at PETA. I think people in a mission like this need to shut their mouths and let others do what they do. Is it illegal? If so, notify the authorities. If not, go away. Just because you don't like it, I don't think you have the right to shout from the mountain tops and invade my personal space. In America, we have many freedoms but you freedom stops when it impinges on mine.

If nothing else, understand that Canada is a frozen tundra with nothing to do and it's inhabitants need a hobby. Besides, what has a seal done for you lately?

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melissa said...

Hi Jason,
I respect your opinion, but please know that I am FAR from left wing and quite frankly hate what is happening in our government right now. However in this case, clubbing innocent, defenseless animals to death for the sake of fashion is barbaric, disgusting, and needs to stop. I know that a lot of people could care less, or are too stupid to even have an original opinion at all, but I also know that there are those who do care to support his cause.
Melissa Jain