Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a small addendum

After watching "The Secret" yet again last night, with who will hopefully be my newest convert, and having deep conversation about it; I came up with a couple more references to help relate the magical material to the masses.

As we know, you have to live in abundance. In case I haven't fully explained this concept thus far, let me take the liberty to do so now. You cannot worry about the finite amounts of things you have at the moment. Don't worry about checking your bank account before going to lunch. Just go. The money will be there. Go get the new DVD you want. Grab that T-shirt you have been eyeing for a while. I'm not telling you to go out and buy a boat tomorrow. It must be believable to you that you can afford it. If you want a steak, going to a place with $47 Filet Mignon may be a little much for you and your partner, but you don't have to eat more ramen either. Get some steaks from the market and treat yourself that way. Only you can define your limits and thresholds. It is important to live within your means without pinching pennies and counting every last financial calorie. Some people will squeeze the quarter until the eagle screams. If you're that concerned over it, you're not living in abundance.

Bob Proctor tells us about driving on the road at night. Your headlights are on. Do they illuminate your path from beginning to end? No they don't. Headlights will uncover 100-200 feet or so. And yet you get all the way to your destination. All you are concerned about is that next 100-200 feet. When you complete that, then it's the next set, all the way to the end. So know where you are, know where you're going and know the next step in the process. Take it in pieces.

If you're driving from New York to California, you look up a route. You decide to take Interstate 80 west across the country. Do you memorize every alternate road along the way in case there's traffic, accidents, road closures, etc? No you surely do not. You have faith that if the road is closed a detour will be provided for you. The point is that we don't always know the path, we just know that one will be provided for us. Why is that? It is because the universe provides.

If you want something, make a decision to get it. The word "today" is very, very important. Notice the difference in the 2 phrases to follow. Don't "make a decision to get it today." Instead "make a decision today to get it." The important part about today is making the decision; not getting whatever it is that you want. Maybe you can manifest a cup of coffee today but it may take a month or a year to manifest that new car or the perfect relationship. Timing is not important because you know it will be provided.

You have wants but you must let go of them. That doesn't mean give up. That means stop chasing them. Anyone who has been through high school can relate to chasing their crush. Generally, the harder you chase, the more elusive they become. Sit back, focus on your wants and desires and allow the universe to respond to your energy and provide it to you. How is not important. Do you honestly care how? Do you care if that $25,000 you want comes from a lottery ticket, inheritance, a new job, etc? No you don't. The end result is what is important. The spirit and intent of your wish. Let the universe do the work.

For those of you who understand the Air Force's enlisted promotion system, let me recount a series of events. For 2007, I studied as hard as I knew how for promotion. I fell 11 points shy (out of about 260 needed). This was in my pre-secret days. All the while my peers, co-workers/colleagues, bosses, etc had been telling me that I carry myself in the way that a promotee would. I act like I'm a rank higher in my demeanor, attitude, communication, ethic, motivation and so on. So this year came around. I didn't crack the book to study for a moment. I believed that I was already a rank higher. I acted as if it was already mine. This year I beat the needed score by 23 points. Add in the 11 I missed it by last year and you have an effective difference of 34 points. Now the Air Force gives you 8 points a year automatically so that leaves a true net gain of 26 points. And I didn't study for even one moment. I didn't jump 2 points or 6 points. I jumped 26 points without working for it. I believe it was my year. I lived in abundance and the universe took care of the rest. 26 points is not an accident or luck; that's meant to be.

The universe provides.

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