Friday, July 11, 2008

I have no willpower to resist, just the will to manifest cool shit.

I know my last blog talked about how I used to have lots of "stuff" and how in the end it meant nothing to me and all that. But I gotta tell you, some "stuff" is just too cool to NOT have it. Add in the fact that i LOVE spending lots of money in general, especially after a lousy week and I just can't help it.

So I called every AT&T store in a 2 hour radius and got laughed at by every one when I asked if they had any iPhone 3G's in stock. Then one guy told me he could do a direct fulfillment. So for $300 for the phone and $15 for expedited shipping, I'll have it here in 3-5 business days. I'd have overnighted it if I could but that wasn't an option.

Unlike the first one, there's no home iTunes activation so that bad boy will be ready to rock the moment I take it out of its little black box of happiness.

I was despondent initially when told that nobody in SC had one and for a split second thought about the Apple store in Atlanta since I could get a Mac machine and a Macbook Air and the phone all at once but I figured that might be a little excessive. Then I said to myself - "Don't be negative. Make a decision like Bob Proctor tells you to." So I made a decision to get the phone no matter what it takes. Not if I can find one or if I can afford it or if I feel like making the trip. I just said "Get the phone." and it was as simple as that. The next guy I called was the one that knew how to do direct fulfillment over the phone and we ordered it on the spot.

There's no 3G coverage in this area and the plan is more expensive but... 3G is coming AND iPhone 2G doesn't allow corporate discounts (which I'm normally entitled to) but iPhone 3G DOES so after the discounts apply to the phone line and the data plan it's actually CHEAPER. HAHAHA.

The Universe provides baby! Just believe it and it arrives in your lap. Plain and simple. I'm gonna tell you guys a little about Bob Proctor's views on decision making in the not too distant future. I just need to further understand myself. Read it today but don't quite get it 100% yet. I guess I grasp it enough to make it work for me though, huh?

Anyway, just thought some of you would appreciate the magnitude of something like this phone and others might take interest in my little kid ear to ear smile. When in doubt, buy some cool shit. It's Christmas in July for the Vig and his phone.

Now I just need to manifest a buyer for the original iPhone. HAHAHA. Any takers?

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