Sunday, July 27, 2008

For love OR money... maybe for the love OF money

So I'm a couple of drinks into it tonight because I had a long day hiding in a 110 degree ceiling, dropping tiles and renovating ductwork. It started to pour here earlier so I decided to relax with a drink or six. As per usual, my gears started to turn, as they do when I'm sober but especially as the booze fills my belly.

It seems as though my recent ramblings have been geared toward love or money so this one will address both at once.

Throughout my life I've chased love and I've chased money, but I've done both separately. I've run out of love on more than one occasion. I've run out of money more times than I can count. Regaining money is something I have direct control over. I can make more however I see fit. I can take another job. I can position myself where I can jockey for a raise (not within the military, of course). I can take side jobs doing photography, selling prints, building websites, etc. I don't have that same control over love. That is because love requires another person and they have to want what I'm selling. Many, over the years, have seemed to initially but they all seem to go batshit crazy sooner or later and fly the coop. So how does one overcome this obstacle? Well, the way I see it I can be patient, remember the laws of attraction and manifest an opportunity to me "the one." Or I can take an alternative approach and realize that The Secret says that like attracts like.

What do I like? I have my hobbies and I have the things that make me enjoy myself but beyond that I like money and things. I did say in one long winded blog that my "stuff" was no substitute for real relationships with people, be it business, friendship, romantic or otherwise. I'm not playing the black and white game. I'm seeing in shades of gray and seeking a successful cohabitation of the two.

How in the hell can I accomplish such a feat? Well, maybe I need to adjust my sights and zero in on a different kind of individual. People fall in love and people fall out of love. Opinions change. Desires falter and dreams fade. So... what's the constant? What can you bet on? Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your frame of reference, in today's American society you can bet that all that glitters is gold. We are blinded by the almighty dollar. Maybe some more than others but there's no two ways about that money CAN buy love. With more dollars you can do more things. I'm not saying to let your days revolve around the portrait of George and his compatriots but, at least, admit that opportunities abound when you're bottom line is well above the bottom.

So let's trim the fat and get to the meat of the matter here. You can lose money chasing women, but you can't lose women chasing money. So rather than get to know every in and out of a person, which is a virtual impossibility I can make an offer that some golddigger can't refuse. Skip the emotions, aka thoughts that block logic. If you date/marry/etc for love that can change on a whim of the other person, as my life has so vividly shown. Now... if I enter into an arrangement with an individual based on dollars and cents then I believe I have a better than average shots of retaining the situation.

Here's how I see it: you're a woman who loves money. I'm a guy with a bunch of it, let's say. As long as I keep you in diamonds and furs, you won't go anywhere. If the money dries up you leave. Am I hurt? Nope because it wasn't based on love. As long as the cash flows freely, you'll stick around.

Does it cost more? Of course it does, but as I said from the beginning, I can get more money. I can always get more money. And in return I have someone by my side for eternity.

So now I have to find someone who will meet my physical standards and be able to detach feelings from things. Someone who will love me for my bank account and not for who I am. I'll keep the checks coming and she'll stick around as long as I do.

The business of business is business. Numbers don't lie.

Now here's the $64 million question... am I serious or not? Do I mean it or have I drank too much? The world may never know. HAHAHA. Those who know me, know how ridiculous I can get when I think about something, when I drink and when I think about something while I'm drinking. Others know my ability to operate on a totally different plane from the average sane individual. I'll never tell.

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