Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bad is good

I'm not sure if I have anything to say or I just feel incomplete because I haven't rambled incessantly on here in a while. Regardless, here goes another round of me pontificating like a fuckin madman.

Bob Proctor is a genius and his words really linger in my head for days and weeks after hearing them. I often read and re-read his work and draw from it, more than what initially hit me. Usually, the things that enter my brain shortly after reading it, are simple things and only upon further investigation do I really see what he means. And then I extrapolate from there to some kind of logical end without knowing how I really arrived there.

I realized the other day, that bad is good. It doesn't make alot of sense but it's true. Bad things in life are good, to an extent. Be aware that I don't mean negative things or negativity as a school of thought. I just mean things that we don't want to happen are sometimes exactly what we need to happen. It's a matter of appreciation. If you only ever ate delicious food, would you appreciate it? Probably not. Anyone who's ever eaten a single bag of Peanut M&M's knows the taste in their mouth of that one louse M&M that I'm convinced they put in there on purpose. How good does the next good M&M taste thereafter (despite the cautious way in which you bite into it)?

Ever have makeup sex with a partner? Same thing applies. We need to have lousy things in our life so we can compare to the good things and have a true measurement. If you never fought in your relationship with your partner, is that healthy? The initial reaction is to say yes because nobody wants to fight - they think they don't want to fight. We are all human, we know this. As humans, we make mistakes. We're not perfect, as much as we may strive or claim to be at times. If you fucked up and your partner didn't say a word, would that make you feel better? Not me. Either they a) are not paying attention to what I do or b) don't give enough of a shit to say something. Either way... not good. No passion, no caring, no notice. Who wants that? But when you make a mistake and the other person screams at you or cries to you or simply tells you what's up and ignores you until he/she calms down, what happens inside? If you're not cold and heartless and have true feelings for that person, you are definitely affected, are you not? You may think it's because you got yelled at or caught but really, it's because you long for the time when things were happy. When it gets resolved and it's all calm again, and the smiles return, you feel better. Even better than you did before the fight happened in the first place (generally).

You need bad to have good. Maybe not to have it but to understand it, appreciate it and truly enjoy it. It's pretty simple. Of course this is not out of nowhere or without rhyme or reason. It ties into all the things I've been telling you about the past few months. Remember this. The next time something goes wrong, don't get down on yourself or the situation. Don't ask the universe "why does this always happen to me?" Understand that it has to happen to you. It's not a never ending situation. It's usually not even a situation that you can't get out of. It's a reality check. It's a wake up call. It's motivational even in the sense that when things are shitty you want to make them better. So you can succumb to the negative sitaution by projecting negativity and wondering why it always happens to you and not deal with it. Or you can recognize a negative situation as being an opportunity to stay positive, let the universe provide and find your way back to happy situations.

It's important to always be positive and never negative. Negativity begets negativity. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy and only you have the ability to break the cycle and bring good things back into your life.

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