Monday, May 12, 2008

Further explanation, realization and unrelenting epiphany

I apologize for my last blog. All I did was take a moment to confuse all ye who read. I did a piss poor job of outlining The Secret in all of its true splendor and made it seem like a hokey gimmick or something that anyone can liken to simply - the power of positive thinking; when, in reality, it is so much more than that. I took my post and sent it off to a friend. Someone who is not only a life long friend, counsel and non-blood related brother but also my "sponsor" if you will when it comes to The Secret, living in abundance and allowing the universe to provide. So, I give you his response. It is long and written to me personally but all can take so much away from it that I couldn't bear to keep it from anyone. I'm overjoyed to make his insights public. Without anymore ado...

Whatup bub, the Secret just rings so true, and gets you so excited that you have to share it with people. It's a strange phenomenon, because you gain the benefit of the Law of Attraction whether you share it or not. So the desire to share cannot come from a selfish place, but is further evidence of our connection, - our oneness. Like a cell in the body - a singular entity representing and comprising the larger whole - each human being is calling out for what it needs and attracting this information, and others are responding and providing what is needed.

It's a subtle matter because we're so tuned in to our former perception of physical reality that to notice the Law of Attraction in action, it can be like trying to hear a dog whistle. But if we look to it, if we keep our eye toward it, we can pick up its presence as we would a hint of spice in a richly flavored food. Then you can begin to notice it more and more, and notice your thoughts and actions in relation to it - that's where you begin to benefit tremendously.

In the area of abundance, where most people have the majority of their attention, it can be difficult to change your vibration because the outcome appears to be so important. The more important you deem a topic, the more connected to the outcome you tend to be. I heard it put best by the author of "Everything I Needed to Know I Learned by Watching Star Trek", he said, "I play Raquetball on a regular basis. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but I always have fun. I could think of one thing that would ruin the game entirely - if I HAD to win."

It took me about a year to get my abundance vibration to the point where I could begin attracting abundance measurably. There were small things, like many unexpected price breaks, or unsolicited gifts that represented things I had fondly noticed or had been asking for vibrationally. I was trying to think abundantly, but the change was shallow, and so in my actions I would still be going to a certain gas station to get gas $0.10 cheaper. Or I would make my lunch decision based on financial concerns, buying what I thought was reasonably priced as opposed to what I was desiring in the moment. No regrets, because this was the extent of my faith at that time, and forcing change in the actions this minimal faith produced would not have had the desired result anyway. I'd still be broke, because your root belief is "I'm spending more money, so I have LESS money." But if you could make the jump, the leap of FAITH, to know that there is an unending supply, and although you do not know how you will connect to that unending supply in physical terms, you KNOW that it finds it way to you if you allow it - then you can begin making decisions from this standpoint and feel completely unconnected to the perceived negative outcome of spending more money.

People say to me, "Wow, having that truck must run you a fortune in gas." And I say what I feel, which is that "It's worth it, I could drive anywhere I want!" I have temperature control, sound system, privacy, protection from the elements, and a cup holder - what a way to travel! Gas is only $4.00 a gallon, I pay the same price for half that amount of Orange Juice, and that's not nearly as useful. I don't even look at gas prices, or care about the bill. Let it go to $5.00 a gallon, or $10.00 - I'd have no problem paying $140 to have the benefit of driving in my life for week or so, no problem. I buy what I want for lunch, I don't care how much it is, I don't even think about it anymore. I put my food on the counter and give the cashier a piece of paper depicting a number that corresponds to the number that she asked for. Then I take my coins and walk away.

This attitude, not merely the actions, has allowed me to see abundance begin to flow. If lack mentality slips in for a second "You don't get paid 'til Friday, you only have $3.00 left...." I just release that as soon as I realize it (which is usually before the end of the sentence these days), and I replace it with staying in the moment and feeling my natural well-being. I told you about how when I started really feeling this way my manager walked up to me and basically said "Ok, you ready to make your own schedule and get paid more for it?" I said "OK" and took the necessary actions effortlessly. Each step was natural, effortless though there actions were performed. Things that didn't go right along the way turned out better in the end. Delays ended up opening other avenues that brought my goal to fruition faster.

This, of course, was a manifestation of my DESIRE, not my state of WANTING. I used to want this promotion, and it remained elusive and was not forthcoming. When I stopped wanting it, my heart's desire was not blocked and was able to be received. The state of wanting is lack. "I do not have. I am not connected to that which I desire to have. I am less pleased with this current moment than I would be if this desired thing were present, thus I am focusing upon and feeling it's absence" When I stopped thinking about it all the time, and felt good about the present moment, I had an unspoken knowledge that it was to be in my experience in the perfect time - and THEN it happened, making me feel like I was expectedly blindsided. That's right, expectedly blindsided, nigga, you betta reconize! Oxymorons are true because ultimate reality is the state of opposites being one and the same (or less accurately, two sides of one coin).

I allowed the receiving this change of life circumstances happily, and I felt in harmony - like all was going well. My deepest desire of being retired early and comfortably had no apparent means of delivery, yet I was not focused on it, I was just moving along patiently and happily, with a knowledge that the universe provides. Then in my state of relative comfort, MonaVie drops into my lap. Being in the state of knowing that this presented itself to me for a reason, I moved into this experience, though it started to create an instability in my comfort zone. I went from being in harmony, to being shaken up by this new thing, this unknown experience, this opportunity for grandeur that was not part of my past experience and thus quite uncomfortable.

I understood with my mind that the product and the opportunity were sound. It was MY OWN ability in reference to this opportunity that I doubted. The voice of my heart or spirit had become overshadowed somewhat by the strengthening of the ego as I felt fear, trepidation, and uncertainty. I wondered if success was possible FOR ME in this endeavor. But logically I was aware of the fact that success was GENERALLY possible with the endeavor, the numbers were there, and in my heart I've always known that I could succeed IN GENERAL, I thought myself generally capable and destined for some measure of success, and so I was able to see past fear and marry these two ideas, taking the leap of faith that there was a legitimate chance that I could be successful in this particular endeavor. That's when I began to get excited, a matter of about 2 weeks, and that's when I mentioned it to you.

I did not realize, however, that there is much more here than I could see at first. It is proving to be much more than opportunity, but instead a life event, as I learn more about what's really going on here and recognizing that there is an unparalleled opportunity for my own personal health, wealth, happiness and excitement, and a chance to feel the joy of offering these things to other people as the means to acquiring them yourself. The initial discomfort was a growing pain as I moved into an uncharted level of positive experience. Now, from this vantage point, I am perfectly positioned to achieve even higher levels of joy, abundance, satisfaction and excitement. THIS is the Law of Attraction IN ACTION. This is how one "goes with the flow of the universe" - the ever-expanding universe that is always seeking growth, just as we, the microcosmic hologram of this universe, desire never-ending expansion and limitless growth in our physical and spiritual lives.

This discourse could have been more easily had across the island in you mother's kitchen at 2:30 in the morning, but all is as it should be, and our experiences together are about to reach levels they have never before seen. We both have an inner knowing that a "golden-age" is approaching, things are about to change. The Secret came in it's perfect time, when we could finally see it.. By the time you get home we will both be the best we have EVER been. We need only to stay recognizing the flow, and stay with it, no struggle, no TRYING, no GRASPING, and an all-knowing sense that everything is happening in it's perfect time, and so the current moment is perfect just the way it is.

I don't know where you're at on MonaVie, but I have a lot to tell you about what's been going on. No, I didn't make a million dollars yet, but having reached my first month in the business, I'm realizing that I did you great disservice in my inadequate representation of what's being presented here. It was all I had to give at that time, but now I'm seeing from the inside that this is absolutely mind-boggling. I can't explain it accurately with words, but the energy of this thing is like a giant sun in front of my chest. The only words I could use to describe it are "ALL-GOOD" - not in the 50 cent way - but just breaking down those 2 words, ALL...GOOD. There's something spiritual here, I'm telling you, I'm uplifted in every way, but at first I only saw the opportunity for us to make money and I did not understand this part of it.

Now I see the opportunity to make money as a means for the universe to encourage people to connect this with others. Just like the Secret, when you watch it and begin to understand and accept it, you initially think, "Oh, I'm going to use this to GET something - money, love, etc." but what ends up happening is that you also GIVE something, as you did in your post, and as we discussed at the beginning of this very long email. And so the apparent oxymoron, "give in order to receive", becomes the universal truth that giving and getting are one and the same, two sides of one coin.

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