Saturday, April 12, 2008


Since I'm bored this morning and too anxious for tonight's party to really do anything else, I was just browing around at random. WWILFing for those of you who know what that is. It stands for "What Was I Looking For" and it's when you go to a website looking for something, but something else catches your eye and you click and click and click and click and before you know it you're 476 clicks away from the start and you have no idea what begun this whole adventure. And meanwhile, I've digressed from the point of this whole thing. So I was WWILFing - moving along.

During my happy clicking from profile to profile on a variety of social networking sites I was reading profiles here and there just looking for something that made me giggle or gave me a reason to babble on here. I found one that did both as well as left me partially confused. Women may be able to answer this better than men given the fact that we handle certain situations differently.

Some woman said "I probably will not meet you. I'm not flying somwhere to meet a person that could possible cut me up into little pieces." I have a couple of thought processes running concurrently in my ever so warped brain.

~ We've all heard of Internet predators and what not but that chopping up into little pieces story is a very common "fear." Has anyone ever heard of someone doing thing after meeting on the net? Not killing but chopping up into little pieces. Not me. Sounds messy and pretty gross.

~ Let's say a woman flew out here to meet me, for example. Sure I could be crazy and bury her in the backyard but doesn't the whole concept just put me at risk as well. Maybe not from physical harm but all my shit is here. I have half a dozen computers, 3 cameras, a high-def TV, a surround sound system, probably $10,000 in clothes - all of which can be destroyed or stolen by a properly crazy woman. Not to mention the fact that once she leaves, she knows where I live and I'm not here ALL the time. So I think guys are at risk as well.

~ I think this is the most important thing. People say things like that all time but riddle me this Batman... if you meet someone in a bar and go home with them, can't they chop you up into little pieces too? Or is that process limited only to people who live a plane ride away? I'm very confused. If I ever want to go into the chopping business, I kinda need to know if I can chop up local people or if I have to fly them in first. I would think chopping up local people would be better - harder to get caught since there's no paper trail of plan tickets and stuff. I don't know. Just a thought.

I'm glad I'm not trying to actually meet someone online. I'm just bored so I'm doing the Internet equivalent of channel flipping.

Ok, enough silliness. I know I'm sick in the head. I never claimed otherwise. HAHAHA.

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