Thursday, April 24, 2008


is the key to life. Can't be all brains and no brawn. Can't be all work and no play. Can't be all balls and no cock. Know what I mean.

Things come and go. The universe provides. The secret tells us that. Expect a blog on that soon, by the way.

Amidst adversity it is easy to fall into an emotional sinkhole and give up on lots of stuff and be very blah. But you can't. If you do, then you don't allow new things to come into your life. And maybe not even new things. Maybe just new iterations of old things. There is no luck. There is only opportunity. Luck is merely recognizing opportunity. Are you lucky to find $20 on the ground or did you just recognize the opportunity to pick $20 up off the ground? See what I mean?

Where is the coming from? Hey... glad ya asked. I'll tell you why.

I've been stressed as hell. You all know that. Many of you commented on my mood status over the past few days. There was a large social upheaval in my live (it had been about 6 months so I'm supposing I was due). New friends, old friends - coming and going. Arguments, he said/she said, lies, misunderstandings, sides were chosen at times, at others they were just thought to be. Who knows what happened actually? Probably nobody. The end result was major fallout and bodies strewn all over the place. This led to undue stress that the ol' ticker can do without.

Well effective this morning, many of the precipitating factors were removed. What a relief!

I went to the store and found my favorite energy drink (that many places don't carry) and pounded that sonofabitch. Subsequently, I was bouncing off the walls all day long.

We started the work day slowly (Internet was out) and then went for a good lunch. Giff brought his peanut out which always makes me smile and we had a bunch of laughs. Then the afternoon I got some work done which actually gets me going and gives me energy. Boredom is a killer. I even got involved with the other half of my office in some of the things they do.

Well.... take some chemically induced energy, add a renewed sense of lightheartedneses and then throw in 2 counts of work based prosperity and what do you have? A friggin lunatic, that's what you have.

So I decided that I was going to work with these folks to create and rebuild (with them, of course) their entire program. It will be 100x more comprehensive and exhaustive, ironclad on the results and more streamlined than a concord jet. Mike is ready to strangle me because my ideas will cause a fuckton of work (which is about 4.97 times more than a shitload. it's science, don't argue).

But I'm excited. We'll be busy as hell but when it's done... man is that motherfucker gonna shine. I'm ready to take it on. Hell, I feel like I can take on the world at the moment.

I haven't felt this terrific in a long long time. Probably not since we stood up my workcenter after building a program from scratch. We have lots of lattitude to make it awesome. It's very exciting stuff.

Anyway, for those of you who read my status updates, or were privvy to what's been happening in my neck of the woods... no worries folks. I'm doing what I do best - workaround. Take a path, find a wall, build a new path around the wall. Step in shit and come out smelling like roses.

By the way... just to prove that live is about balance, in/out, give/take... Remember that good lunch I mentioned earlier. I wrote this blog on my wireless laptop while sitting on the can. See... some things come, some things go.

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