Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So many hobbies, so little time

Most of you know, I get bored pretty quickly. I pick something, go nuts for it, work at it nonstop for a while and then move on. Here's the issue I'm having - I'm amassing hobbies lately. I thought it would be a good thing. Unfortunately for me... I'm not 16 anymore. I don't have time to keep everything going. PLUS... everything is so damned expensive these days. Remember the days when we really wanted something and we saved and waited and bought it and... it was a $15 CD. Fuck. I'd trade a left testicle (not the right one though) for those days.

Now if there's a 15 in the price of something it's usually followed by at least one 0. In my case, it's usually more than that. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage.

There's the photography thing. Ok, I'm pretty set there for now. I have both of my camera bodies, 4 lenses, a flash, and a great new bag for all the toys plus accessories like chargers, batteries, memory cards, film, filters, etc. I want a light setup but we're talking molto denaro there (read: fucktons of money).

Then there's the gun collecting nonsense. I'm at 7 firearms with a great range. .22, .40, .45, .38/.357 and the illustrious .50 Desert Eagle. There's the shotgun and the .243 plus 3-4 more long guns at my dad's that I can have later on. Of course, I plan to pick up the AR15 with the Barrett upper and lower receivers but not rush and one day I'll have the Barrett .50 but who's got $6 grand laying around for that shit. Ok, maybe I do but that's besides the point. It's alot for 2 lousy guns. So I'm all set on that for now.

Then I bought the piano last week. That's fun, doesn't require add-ons or upgrades but is that a hobby? I mean what am I gonna do? Hold piano recitals in the trailer? So that's a little sidebar thing for me to do to keep up my culture, despite Sumter's best efforts to drain them from me.

I have all my hockey equipment here and the new hockey stick and small items are on the way. AWESOME! Then I'll have all my gear but nowhere to play? I'd settle for an empty parking lot on the weekends, but good luck finding a corporate campus around here. So I'll skate a bit but can't really get into it full force. Unless someone out there local wants to play?

I wouldn't call gambling a hobby. I enjoy it but it's not quite a hobby. Plus lately, I've been not very good at it so that's gonna be short lived unless my luck turns around. March Madness baby! Cross your fingers.

So, I've got all these things in action and I love them all but I've hit a plateau on each and every one. There's room to go to the top; it's a glass ceiling. I need more money and more time to break through and redefine my abilities. And who has the time for that?

Am I alone here? Anyone else delve so deeply into a billion things and not finish any off them because there are just not enough hours in the day?

Oh yeah... I have like 4 web projects on the burners that need finishing to. That's coming next week without a doubt so everything else stops.

Maybe when I hit powerball and can quit working will I have time to do nothing but play. God, I wanna be a kid again.

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